Meet Ashley McGarr, the Yukon Tavern’s New Manager

Yukon - Ashley McGar.JPGNearly six months ago, when word went out that the Yukon Tavern was looking for a new manager, the decision to become part of the new Yukon team was an easy one for Ashley McGarr. She’d been a part of our Southeast Portland neighborhood for long enough to feel at home in our neighborhood “dive” bar and she wanted to play a part in ushering in a new era at our historic bar.

Ashley has spent twenty years behind a bar pouring drinks for people she counts as friends all throughout the city. Over the last year she’s been serving the Yukon Tavern’s crowd and when owners, Rainer Wieland and Jon Batcheller, approached her about moving into a management position she jumped at the chance. Now she’s using that experience to manage the bar and create the mouthwatering menus that we all get to enjoy every day. Her personal favorites on that menu? The ooey, gooey Grilled Cheese with Bacon sandwich, the recently added, Pot Stickers, and the mixed drinks she concocts with the top shelf liquor stocked behind the bar.

Being right in the middle of the changes happening at the bar gives her a bird’s eye view to the great updates going on. Fresh paint, a new floor, and more events than ever are bringing in fresh faces, and Ashley loves meeting all the new people.

The Yukon is a classic dive bar that is evolving with the neighborhood. I love welcoming the people that have called it their second home for years as much as the people who are just beginning to make it their regular gathering spot.

-Ashley McGarr

Stop by the Yukon Tavern soon and say hello to our new manager, Ashley McGarr. You’ll find her serving up beer behind the bar, frying up our Yukon Gold Waffle Fries in the kitchen, or chatting up one of her many friends at the bar.


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