Put Your Knowledge to the Test at the Yukon Tavern’s Trivia Nights

Gather up your team of crack trivia experts and find your favorite table at the Yukon Tavern every Monday night for the worldwide bar trivia phenomenon; Geeks Who Drink!

Yukon - Geeks Who Drink

Geeks Who Drink Trivia Question:

In which state is juggling strictly prohibited?

Is your head filled with useless knowledge? Do you love beer? Then you, too, can impress your friends with information you rarely get a chance to use. Sports, movies, music, and everything else in the history of humankind is represented in these tournaments, with moderators bringing their own unique brand of interesting commentary, humor and hints throughout. And you never know just what other great trivia you’ll pick up when you play along.

The Bar Bells.jpg

Geeks Who Drink tournaments are fast paced and live-hosted, with audio and visual rounds, so no matter what level of expert you think you are, you’ll have a turn at being the team’s go-to expert. Teams are made up of one to seven people and at the end of the night, after several rounds, the tallies are counted from each team’s answer sheets and a winner is announced. These trivia nights are fun for both small and large groups, and the results are posted online so you can have bragging rights all across the globe after your big win.

Geeks Who Drink Trivia Question:

What state is home to the “D River,” the world’s smallest?

Impress your friends with your grasp of all things trivial at the Yukon Tavern’s trivia nights each Monday at 7pm with the Geeks Who Drink. You’ll come away with answers to questions you never knew existed.

Answer to both questions:

Our own great states of Oregon!

Yukon - Geeks Who Drink1.png


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