Welcome to Your Yukon Tavern Online Community!

It’s a well known fact Portland has a colorful history of rough men and ladies of the night. Lumberjacks, miners, and sailors from all around the world came to town to celebrate their fortunes, play a few hands, and commiserate with other adventurous spirits. Those wild days may be a thing of the past, but good times continue at one of Portland’s most historic dive bars, the Yukon Tavern.

Yukon - Neon Sign.jpg

Several nights throughout the week the Yukon hosts events, like free pool, open mic nights, trivia competitions and, taking a queue from the past, Texas Hold ’em poker tournaments. Bring your friends in for some friendly competition on Portland’s longest shuffleboard table and see if you really can send your puck to the opposite end and down a beer before it comes to a stop, as the rumors say.


The Yukon’s menu offers all your favorite pub grub, beers, wines and cocktails, and our friendly bartenders will make you feel right at home at our long bar or one of the many dining tables inside and outside the bar. Order up a Chicago Dog with a side of our Yukon Gold waffle fries and taste why our Sellwood-Moreland tavern is a neighborhood favorite.


Just as we welcome you into our bar, we now want to welcome you to join our online community by following the Yukon Tavern Blog. Just click the “Follow” button to get regular updates on events, get to know our bartenders, tantalize your tastes buds and experience the Yukon Tavern virtually, anytime, anywhere. We invite you to get in on the conversations in the “Comments” section where you can let your opinions be known. Just as it’s been for nearly 80 years here at the Yukon Tavern, the best “dive” bar in the Southeast Portland.

Yukon Tavern2.jpg


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