The Word’s Out About the Yukon Tavern’s Geeks Who Drink

Mondays at the Yukon Tavern are heating up with hot competitive action during our weekly Geeks Who Drink trivia game!

Yukon - GWD9

People from all across the Portland Metro area came out this week to our Southeast neighborhood bar to test their cache of useless knowledge and find out who is top dog at bar trivia.

Yukon - GWD.5

The Geeks Who Drink games are a collection of audio, visual and spoken clues based around themed questions, like music and film, so everyone has the chance to be their table’s all-star trivia MVP. And we’re seeing more and more new faces joining in, which makes every quiz more challenging and fun.

Yukon - GWD.2

The quiz consists of eight rounds of eight questions each, played by teams of up to six people. Questions are read aloud by the quizmaster and each team writes down the answers, turning them in at the end of each round.

Yukon - GWD8

Rounds 1, 4, and 6 are broken down into themed rounds about anything. Round 2 is an audio challenge with double points when you can name the artist and title of a music clip.

The 3rd round is a speed round to put on added pressure, and round 5 is a visual round based on a printed handout.

Round 7 is another audio challenge that covers movies or TV shows, and round 8 is a random knowledge challenge that garners 16 points for the right answer. At the end of the 8th round we tally our points and find the winner.

There are 68 total questions and many opportunities  for smack talk between the quizmaster and the crowd. Winning teams receive gift certificates and bonus questions allow for sneaker moves that will give you a second chance to grab the title of the Yukon’s Geeks Who Drink champion.


Yukon - GWD.4

Even Jon and Rainer got in on the game, sharing beers and laughs with their friends.

Yukon - Geeks Who Drink

If you love trivia and you’re looking for fun with friends, come out to the Yukon Tavern on Monday nights from 7-9pm for Geeks Who Drink trivia.

Yukon - GWD


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