An Irish Souvenir; Guinness© Battered Fish and Chips

One of the best things about traveling to new places is getting the opportunity to taste the foods that define the region. Savory dishes developed in a mother’s kitchen, perfected over generations and reinterpreted in new and interesting ways in the restaurants we get to visit while we travel. It’s the food of the people.


If you’re like me and love sampling the great culinary diversity found around the world, you’ll love the souvenir Jon and Rainer picked up for us on their recent trip to Ireland; Guinness© Battered Fish and Chips!

That’s right! The Yukon Tavern is now offering a classic fish and chips dinner, with a crunchy-fried batter seasoned with the taste of Ireland’s favorite beverage. With a dollop of tartar and a squeeze of lemon, it’s the coming together of great Irish food and the best of American pub grub. With a side of coleslaw and your choice of fries, tots, or salad, it’ll have your taste buds packing their bags to the Emerald Island before the last bite.


Wash it down with a frothy pint of stout served in one of the new Guinness© brand glasses Jon and Rainer picked up for the bar. They’ve schooled the bartenders in the proper Irish way of pouring a Guinness©,” a lesson they learned overseas, and they’ll be happy to share the other lesson they picked up with you; “How to Drink a Guinness© in the Irish Way,” too.

You don’t have to go far to enjoy a tasty trip across the pond, just make a stop at the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland for a plate of Guinness© Battered Fish and Chips. It’s just a little souvenir Jon and Rainer’s brought back from their latest adventure in worldwide pub crawling.


Yukon - GWD.2


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