Enjoy the Sunshine and a Frothy Pint of Beer at the Yukon Tavern

Who can resist the urge to hang out with friends during the beautiful spring days we’ve been having? At the Yukon Tavern you’ll find old friends and new gathered together all day at our outside seating area.

Yukon Tavern2.jpg

The same great tableside service you enjoy inside the Yukon Tavern is also found outside our bar. Join us at 11am when we open our doors and we begin serving lunch to our Southeast Portland neighborhood. We’ve added salads to the menu just in time for all those working to get their girlish figures back in time for swimsuit season.

Yukon - Outdoor Seating1.JPG

You’re sure to see familiar faces passing by on Milwaukie Avenue, and all you have to do is wave them over to get the party started.

Yukon - Outdoor Seating2.JPGWe’ve got two Happy Hours (3 to 7:30pm and 10pm to close), so you can have a second chance to shake off that Spring Fever after a long day behind a desk. Order up a Canada’s Labatt draft, Pabst, Coors, or Bud Draft for $2, a Micro Draft for $3.75, or a Well Drink for $3, and pair it with any of our ten Happy Hour menu choices, including classic summer tastes like our spicy, creamy Jalapeno Poppers ($4.75) and Pulled Pork Sliders ($4.50).

Yukon - Outdoor Seating.jpg

Nighttime is the right time to stop in at the Yukon Tavern to enjoy the changing seasons. Our green and red neon sign provides the festive lighting and action inside and outside the bar is al the party atmosphere you’ll need to get the party started. All we need now is you!



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