A Primer for the Yukon Tavern’s Free Pool Sundays

Rack ‘em up! It’s Free Pool Sunday at the Yukon Tavern!

Every Sunday the Yukon hosts free pool for all comers. We’ve put together a primer so you can get ready for your turn at the table. And, of course, a pint has always been a great aid in perfecting your game.


The traditional style of play assigns players either striped or solid colored balls after the first shot is made. The first player to pocket all their balls and the 8-ball last is declared the winner. If a player shoots the 8-ball in before their last shot, the game ends and whoever shot it in loses.

In this game the pool balls are numbered 1 through 9. Players must sink each ball in numerical order into the six pockets until they reach the 9-ball. It’s a fast game that is usually played in a series of three quick rounds.

Straight Pool
This is the formal style of pool where players call their shots, and there is the option to a set score like 50 or 100. Any ball can be shot in at any time by any player, and player receives a point for every ball they get in. At the end of three to five games whoever has the most points wins.

Yukon - Free Pool

You’ve played it on a basketball court, now play it at the Yukon! In the pool version of the popular game players rotate as they try to sink the balls into the pockets in the exact way the preceding player did it, and if they fail they receive a letter. The first player to spell “HORSE” loses. This can also be played as the shorter “Pig” version. Seems like a great game to bet a plate of Pulled Pork Sliders on.

In the game of 3-Ball players set up (you guessed it!) just three balls and the player has to shoot them in using the least amount of shots possible. Another player must match or beat that number of shots or they lose. This can be played with multiple players, which, as you can imagine, increases the difficulty quite a bit. Maybe this game calls for a shot of whiskey.

Yukon - Pool Table

At the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland you can play one or all these games for free every Sunday. So come in, rack up, and challenge your friends to one of the most beloved and challenging games found in a bar!


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