Open Mic Night Invites Portland Bands to the Yukon Tavern

Hello Portland!

Are you a band looking for a stage? Got a guitar and a dream? If you are you getting the band back together, forming a new one or just want to place to play, plan a night out at the Yukon Tavern to jam on our corner stage!

“What would rock and roll be without ambition, craziness, danger, and fun?”
-Pete Wentz

Yukon - Open Mic Night

The Yukon hosts an Open Mic Night every week for bands who want to try out their new hits or brush up on the classics. All genres are welcome, which gives us an opportunity to showcase the many hidden talents of Portland’s thriving music community.

The Yukon Tavern has a long history of hosting great musical acts, including (according to rumors) country music legend, Willie Nelson. Back in the day the Red Headed Stranger would make a stop at the Yukon during his West Coast tours. I’m sure there are many great stories about those nights, but the walls aren’t talkin’ so you’ll have come in to make your own memories.

Yukon - Call Out to Bands1.jpg

“I don’t know how much more expressive you can get
than being a rock and roll singer. “
-Robert Plant

Our crowds are a great size for new bands to try out material and get used to a stage, or for a few friends to get together and play in a laid back environment. We’ll carve out an area on our “stage” and each performer will be given ten to twenty minutes for their set, depending on the number of performers present.

Yukon - Call Out to Bands2


Plan a night out for Yukon Tavern’s Open Mic Night every Wednesday at 9pm. Come early and enjoy Happy Hour specials from 3 to 7:30 pm and 10 pm to Close. The final line-up is posted at 9pm on Wednesday. All genres are welcome, and admission is free, so you’ll have plenty of money for a burger and a beer! If you have a band or are interested in performing at Yukon Tavern, please drop us a line at Thanks!


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