Cool Down In Front of the Yukon Tavern’s Four TVs

Come in from the heat and enjoy an afternoon in front of the Yukon Tavern’s four TVs! Sports, news, political coverage, and the guilty pleasure television that you’ll never get us admit to loving all make their appearance on the Yukon channels.

Yukon - Watching the Game copy.JPG

Our open floor plan allows you to be front and center with great views from every table and our corner bar, too! We’ve got the TVs placed throughout the bar to make sure you don’t miss the shows you’re most interested in. And, with our free WiFi you can check in with your friends around the world who are watching the latest episode of your favorite series at each plot turn.

Yukon - Free WiFi copy

Our bar is a cool place to wait out the summer heat waves that weather forecasters are predicting this year. So, to beat that heat move the party inside! Bring your friends, or meet a few new ones over a pint of beer, and you’ll soon be referring to the Yukon as “your neighborhood bar.”

Yukon - Ashley McGar

No matter what you like to watch on TV, you’ll find your favorite shows on the Yukon Tavern’s four TVs. Stop in this afternoon to watch the talk shows that everyone’s talking about, then come back tonight for the big game. We’ve got your favorite brew ready for you, and don’t forget to check out the Yukon’s daily specials board, too!


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