The Gold Rush is on at the Yukon Tavern!

They glimmer, they shine, they’re crispy on the outside! They are the Yukon Gold Waffle Fries served at the Yukon Tavern! 

You don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to Yukon Territory to find your gold mine. Just turn down SE Milwaukee in Sellwood-Moreland and stop in at the Yukon Tavern for a basket of our piping hot Yukon Gold Waffle Fries. 


Our building was erected not long after gold miners traveled up and down the Willamette in search of their payload and it must have rubbed off on us because we’ve created an appetizer that will have you thinking you’ve hit the motherload. Ridges stacked upon ridges of Yukon Gold potato slices, cut just right to hold your favorite dipping sauce. It’s a crispy golden nugget of a tasty tater. 

2016-01-25 21.32.50

I like to pair mine with a Chicago Dog covered in onions, tomatoes, and sport peppers. We only use the best ingredients in all our food, and when you combine our Hebrew National hot dog with the best tasting potatoes you know you’re in for a treat almost too good to eat! Add one of Portland’s great craft beers to that meal and you’ll be feeling like you’ve struck gold, too.

We’ve got a menu jammed packed with great tasting appetizers and sides, including our signature waffle fries. Come into the Yukon Tavern today to try out a basket of Yukon Gold Waffle Fries during our two daily Happy Hours from 3 pm to 7:30 pm and 10 pm to close.


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