Atlas Cider Rules at the Yukon Tavern

Tavern aficionados from across Portland come to the Yukon Tavern every day to enjoy their favorite drinks. Whether it be Willamette Valley wines, the top shelf liquor, or the domestic, foreign, and locally brewed craft beers, you know the Yukon will serve you up a glass of the best drinks you’ll find in SE Portland. But now there’s a newcomer that’s arrived on our taps’ line, and it’s quickly winning the hearts of the Yukon crowd.

2016-06-27 02.08.49

Atlas POM-Cherry Cider marries two great fruits into a unique cider union. Pomegranates, the age-old jewel of fruits, bring a tart flavor and beautiful flavor that people have been enjoying since man first walked the Earth, and cherries, my favorite fruit, brings sweet notes that balance that tartness, making Atlas’s POM-Cherry a cider that is not too tart, not too sweet, but is just right for a drink you can enjoy when you are with your friends.

2016-06-27 02.10.12

Hard cider has an interesting history. The earliest record of fermenting apples goes back to 55 BC when the Romans invaded Kent, England and found villagers drinking an alcoholic drink made from apples. Between the 13th to the 17th, the people of Europe considered cider safer than water and received quarter of their wages paid in cider. When America was colonized the English brought their love of cider with them, becoming the favorite drink of our founding fathers and the original patriots.

2016-06-27 02.08.54

So if your love of cider has grown with each visit to the Yukon Tavern you can take comfort that the great men of America’s birth shared the same love you do. And as Benjamin Franklin said, “It’s indeed bad to eat apples, its better to turn them all into cider.”


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