Meet the Mistress of the Yukon Tavern

DSC06146Oh, the fever of the dance-hall

and the glitter and the shine,

The beauty, and the jewels,

and the whirl,

The madness of the music,

the rapture of the wine,

The languorous allurement of a girl!

-Robert William Service, “The Man from Eldorado.”

Mysterious, intriguing, adventurous—a lover, a mother, a friend. She’s the woman who rules a bar like a queen and back in the day no saloon was complete without her. At the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland, we’ve memorialized this feminine icon of the West in a portrait that has hung over our bar since the waning days of that rough and tumble period in our city’s history. Our “good-time girl” doesn’t have a name—if she ever did it’s since been lost to time—but we know she belongs here at the Yukon, reigning over us with her inescapable lure.

Yukon - Mysterious Lady1.jpg

Come in and toast the Yukon Tavern’s “Mistress of the Yukon.” We feature two Happy Hours every day from 3-7:30pm & 10pm to close and she’ll be presiding over them both. Turned away from the action, of course, because our Mistress of the Yukon knows you’ll be looking!



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