Get Loaded with the Yukon’s Loaded Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Who can resist the crispy, creamy beauty of a grilled cheese sandwich? When I stop in at the Yukon Tavern the sound of a sizzling griddle is all it takes to get my mouth watering for one of their Loaded Grilled Cheese sandwiches. The crunchy sourdough bread, melted Swiss and cheddar cheese, crispy bacon and fresh tomatoes calls to me like a siren’s song. And it’s an addiction I fully support.


Yesterday I stopped in for a bite to eat and, predictably, ordered their amped up grilled cheese. In only a few short minutes I had a basket piled high with the hot masterpiece, with the Yukon’s golden tater tots on the side. Not only was the service quick, but it was also served oozing with melted cheese and ready for me to bite right in!

Yukon - Fun with Friends copy

The Yukon Tavern’s tater tots are a “go to” side for me, but you can choose chips or their famous Yukon Gold Waffle Fries to complete your meal.


Of course, you don’t want to miss out on their great selection of beers! Their rotating taps always feature a mix of IPAs, ales, stouts, pilsners, and the day I stopped by I chose their Atlas Cider selection to go along with my sandwich.

When you’re feeling the need for an oral injection of creamy, crunchy grilled cheese plan a stop at Southeast Portland’s best dive bar, the Yukon Tavern. Our griddle is always hot and our service is fast. We’ll have just what you’re looking for, and with a slice of bacon, too!


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