Painting and Cocktails at the Yukon Tavern


✓  Paints

✓  Brushes

✓ Canvas

✓  Cocktails

✓  Good time

Everything was ready when we arrived for the Vine and Pallet event at the Yukon Tavern last Sunday. Everyone had a place to sit and a canvas was waiting for us on a tabletop easel.


With a ceremonial cocktail toast, we were off! Artist Tina McDaniel guided us through the process as we dug into a mix of blues to create a background of sky. White clouds were added in to give it interest and depth, and then we explored the red, green, yellow, and orange paints that were provided us in colorful dollops on our palettes. Our goal was to recreate a photograph of poppies against a blue sky.


Dina, Tina’s helpful assistant, stood at the ready with more instructions and full bottles of paint to refill our supply. Vine and Pallet provides all the supplies, gets them all ready for you when you arrive, and does the majority of the cleanup. It’s a great way to explore your artistic side without having to commit to a roomful of supplies. And, you come away with a great souvenir you can put on display in your home.

This is the final result of my attempt at painting, and a close up of my “happy accident” dog that I inadvertently painted into the clouds in the top center of the canvas.


Rainer Wieland, the Yukon Tavern’s owner, and his wife Vera came away with two masterpieces they’ll be hanging together in their home.


The Yukon Tavern is planning more Vine and Pallet events in the coming months and I can’t think of a better way to spend those cloudy days to come than creating beautiful art inside the Southeast’s favorite neighborhood bar. Look for more announcements of Vine and Pallet events to come on the Yukon’s Facebook page and here on the blog.


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