Building the Perfect Burger

Greeley Burger-001.jpg

Ah—the sight, the smell, the taste of a perfectly constructed burger! It’s a layer-upon-layer of flavor whose memory lingers on long after that last bite.

The Yukon Tavern’s classic cheeseburger represents our version of the perfect burger, with the best ingredients cooked to perfection, then stacked into a two-fisted tower that is sure to satisfy even the most discriminating burger lovers.

Greeley Burger (1)-001.jpg
When you bite into our cheeseburger your experience begins with the fresh taste of a brioche bun. Sink your teeth down into its silky inside until you reach the crunchy, rich taste of its lightly toasted interior.

The next layer of flavor is delivered through a smear of sauce that brings a sweet and spicy kick to the mix.

Greeley Burger (2).jpg

Next, you’re taste buds will encounter the cool, fresh layers of lettuce tomato and onion, combined with a warm, savory, juicy patty before giving way to the smooth and creamy taste of melted cheddar cheese laying over the patty and melting down its edges.

Served in a basket with your choice of sides (chips are included, or you can substitute salad, fries, or tots), it is an example of classic American pub grub. And, just like the Yukon Tavern itself, this menu item’s long history serves as a reminder that perfection comes from years of practice and, in this case, a passion for the art of creating the perfect burger.

What do you think makes the perfect burger? We want to hear about your favorite combinations in the comments below.


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