Video Poker Brings Vegas to the Yukon Tavern

Our laid-back vibe is well known across Southwest Portland. Good food, great drinks and a friendly face behind the bar are what will greet you when you sit down at our bar, but listen close—my friends—because the excitement of Vegas is right at home at the Yukon Tavern, too!

Yukon - Free WiFi copy

It’s the luck of the draw with our regulated video and lottery machines—well, in this case it should be said ‘luck of the press.” Our modern machines work as simply and efficiently as the best casino floor dealer, and the payouts come just as easy, too!

Greeley - Games2 copy.jpg

Begin your play by hitting the “DEAL” button, then sit back and relax, our wait staff will take care of you. We can serve you one of Portland’s famous craft beers, or get the full Vegas experience with a bourbon or dry martini. If you find yourself in the middle of some hot action and you’re riding a winning streak you won’t have to go hungry. Our kitchen will cook you up a meal that will carry you all the way to cashing out. It’s a win-win-win!

Yukon - Ashley McGar

When you tire of those games switch it up and join us at the bar for a round or two of Keno. Just like video and lottery poker, we see these games turn out winners on a regular basis.

Our video and lottery machines are found in the back corner of the Yukon Tavern, where they are ready for you to strike it rich with just a press of a button!




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