Hot Dogs and the World Series at the Yukon Tavern

Baseball, hot dogs, apple cider and the Yukon Tavern!

The World Series begins on October 25th and the Yukon’s chefs have recreated the great taste of a ballpark frank with five takes on the classic using Hebrew National Hot Dogs. So join us at the bar for a dog, a beer and America’s favorite pastime.

Yukon - Hot Dogs.jpg

The Classic Hot Dogs
The beauty of a good hot dog begins with the meat, and Hebrew National is know for being made from premium cuts of 100% Kosher beef. Topped your way, with ketchup and mustard and a side of chips, this hot dog is an American classic for all baseball lovers.

Yukon - Hot Dogs1 copy 2.jpg

Chili Dogs
Spice up your dog with a helping of chili to give your taste buds an extra special treat. Throw in some onion and a bit of cheese and you’ll be able to go into the seventh inning stretch with vigor and verve.

Yukon - Hot Dogs1.jpg

Corn Dogs
Our corn dogs are dipped in corn bread batter, deep fried to a golden brown and served with stoneground mustard. It’s a sweet, spicy and savory experience served up inside a crunchy “bun.”

Yukon - Hot Dogs2 2.jpg

German Kraut Dogs
Go back to the source of great sausage dogs with our German Kraut Dog. The sweet, salty and sour taste is a treat that offers something new in a traditional frank. Add a side of our Yukon Waffle Fries and you’ve got an American version of a German classic.

2016-01-25 21.32.50

Chicago Dogs 
The grand champion of all our hot dog baskets is our famous Chicago Dog. Tomato, onions and a few sport peppers is the homerun recipe for this dog. And, this year you just may be able to celebrate a long awaited Cubs win with a celebratory Chicago Dog!

Plan to watch the World Series with us at the Yukon Tavern, where you can have that great stadium experience with a dog in one hand and a brewsky in the other inside Southeast Portland’s favorite neighborhood bar!


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