The Oregon Lottery Comes to the Tables of the Yukon Tavern

Mark your calendars, Keno and video lottery players, because the Oregon Lottery is heading to the Yukon Tavern for fun and games.


The Yukon Tavern has teamed up with the state run lottery to bring the fun and excitement of Keno and video lottery to our Southeast Portland neighborhood bar during their latest promotional tour. along with free play, you may win on-the-spot prizes like T-shirts, lottery products, certificates for free play, concert and event tickets, and even iPads or Visa gift cards. That should be enough gifts to throw all the odds in your favor!

Yukon - GWD.1

We know we have some dedicated players at the Yukon Tavern, and many more who’d like to try but aren’t quite sure how to play. That’s ok, because representatives from the Oregon Lottery will be on hand to teach everyone the basics of the game, and our wait staff will be on hand to keep your glass full while you play.

Yukon - Ashley McGar

The “Pop-Up” promotion is part of the Oregon Lottery Roadshow and it’s not only fun it’s also a great time to learn more about the new Video Lottery games and join forces with your friends. during their group games. And, don’t forget to take a spin at the prize wheel.

Yukon - Mysterious Lady1

Join us at the Yukon Tavern on SE Milwaukee Avenue this Tuesday, December 13th at 4pm for a “luck of the draw” game with the folks from the Oregon Lottery. You may just drive home a little richer!

Yukon - Lottery Promo.png


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