Brrr! It’s Cold Out There!

Has anyone else gotten tired of this deep freeze we’re living in? I know I have, so I think I’m just going to ride out the rest of week inside my favorite neighborhood bar, Southeast Portland’s Yukon Tavern.

2016-06-27 03.57.51

I’ll order a beer and find a spot at the bar. Maybe there’ll be a game on. The Yukon’s got TVs placed around the bar so everyone can be front and center for NFL playoff games going on this month.


There’s always something happening at the Yukon. Open Mic Nights, Texas Hold ‘em, Geeks Who Drink, Vine and Pallet painting, and free pool on Sundays. Everyone can find something they love all week long.


According to rumors, the Yukon has the longest shuffleboard table in Portland and the challenge to drink a beer before your launched puck stops at the other end of the table is one I can’t resist!

Yukon - GWD.3

I always find a few friends at the Yukon Tavern. The neighborhood has changed over the last few years and the Yukon has changed right along with it, without losing the charm of a typical neighborhood bar. The new owners, Rainer and Jon, have updated the interior and the menu, with great bar food standards and a line of hot dogs that you won’t find anywhere else in Portland.

2016-06-27 02.10.12

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by too much weather and you want to break out of the confines of your home for a day, drive down Milwaukee Avenue in Southeast Portland and look for the Yukon’s iconic neon sign. Our doors will be open and our kitchen and bar will be well stocked to get you through the winter blues, alongside your friends in the friendliest neighborhood bar in Sellwood!


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