Coming Soon to the New Yukon Cult Cinema: Patrick Swayze in “Road House”

In the distant past, the Yukon Tavern had the reputation as being a rough and tumble, wild and crazy bar. Today, our Southeast neighborhood bar may be a bit more refined in our style, but we can still appreciate the fun offered by a night out at a dive bar. That’s why our first movie pick for our newest event is Patrick Swayze in ROAD HOUSE.

Yukon - Cult Cinema

Yukon Cult Cinema is a monthly movie event, hosted by movie trivia guru Mac Bell, a film lover and scholar who will be presenting the best cult movies—both the ones we love and ones we love to hate. “I’m excited to bring the cult classics to Southeast Portland, and what better way to begin than by showing a movie about a bar—in a bar.”

Yukon - Cult Cinema1
This first presentation takes us back to our Yukon roots, with 1989’s ROAD HOUSE. Swayze character, Dalton, is a “cooler” in an out-of-the-way, roadside bar, who backs up and manages the bouncers. He takes on this tough guy job when the fighting has gone too far for the management. With the help of his buddy Wade, played by a luxuriously coiffed Sam Elliott, he attempts to clean up the bar and takes on the town bully, the rich and powerful Brad Wesley, with a mix of martial arts and good ol’ fashioned bar brawling. And, of course, Swayze gets the girl.

Yukon - Cult Cinema2-001Join Mac Bell and all of us at the Yukon Tavern’s first Yukon Cult Cinema and its presentation of ROAD HOUSE on Tuesday, May 30th at 7:20pm. Our kitchen and bar will be ready with all the pub grub and drinks befitting a movie that celebrates the history of tavern life.

Yukon Cult Cinema ROADHOUSE Poster

Image: Andy Vanderbilt


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