Don’t Miss Last Call Trivia at the Yukon Tavern

Yukon - Last Call Trivia

Trivia is back at the Yukon Tavern with Last Call Trivia!


A new challenge called Last Call Trivia has come to the Yukon and it’s taking no prisoners when it comes to calling out the smartest player of useless knowledge.


During each round, players have the opportunity to wager points with each of their answers. For example, in the first half of a trivia game, you can wager 1, 3, or 6 points, and because each wager can be used only once, players make their choice based on the amount of confidence they have in your answer. This wagering system allows players to use strategy, along with intelligence during the trivia game.

A theme round is announced after the 3rd question and before the bonus question, and if a player guesses correctly they can acquire an additional two points. But everyone can guess as often as they like without a penalty. The game is free to all players and is hosted by Quizmaster Ian, who will lead us through all the pop culture, history, music, television, movies, and current events questions of the night, all with a big dose of humor and with his own unique playlist playing as we search for the answers to his quizzy questions.


Teams are comprised of one to eight players and the game lasts about two hours. Just enough time to enjoy a juicy burger from our kitchen and your favorite beer from the bar.


Show your friends who is the baddest trivia hombre in Southeast Portland! Come out to the Yukon Tavern every Monday night at 7pm for Last Call Trivia.

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