New Quizmaster Brings a Fresh Mix of Questions to Last Call Trivia

Nothing beats a fresh take on an old favorite. Kelly Richardson, the new host of Last Call Trivia believes this, too, and she’s proving it round after round of bar trivia every Monday night at the Yukon Tavern.

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Kelly has always loved trivia and has played trivia games since she was a child.  She began playingLast Call Triviawith friends and really enjoyed the combination of strategy and trivia knowledge that the game employs. A year later, she joined the Last Call team to host her own games. In her role of quizmaster, she brings this lifetime love on the road to bars around Portland, with a broad range of questions that include everything from history, science, literature, pop culture, and more. When she’s at the Yukon she finds that the crowd really gets into the game and she enjoys the spirited, friendly competition that plays out during the game.


Last Call Trivia is Kelly’s favorite format for bar trivia. She finds that the pace of the game provides ample opportunity for socializing between questions and the questions are varied enough that all players have a chance to flex their trivia muscles.


That’s what I found when I played a Kelly hosted game. With a time limit of one song for each answer stage, there was time enough to refuel with food and drink, chat up your fellow players, and even throw out some playful banter to the other tables.


And, a few players even backed up their answers with some tough talk and a few bets for drinks. After six rounds of three questions each and four bonus questions, the game wraps up the first-place winners taking home gift certificates from the Yukon and the last place winner taking home a booby prize, courtesy of our host Kelly. Our table missed out on both by coming in third place. But we won on fun!

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Our informal games are open to a single player team or teams with multiple players, and Last Call Trivia gives $2,500 away at each of their City Tournaments (3 times per year for a total of $7,500 locally in Portland) and $10,000 at our National Tournament in April!

Come out to the Yukon Tavern for Last Call Trivia on Monday nights at 7pmand join host Kelly Richardson as she tests our collective trivia knowledge!


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