The Walking Dead Takes a Bite Out of Last Call Trivia at the Yukon

Last Call Trivia is bringing back the dead with a night of Walking Dead trivia this Monday, September 24that the Yukon Tavern.

Last Call Trivia Yukon Tavern

Host Kelly Richardson will take us through a night of questions all laser focused on the hit show “The Walking Dead.” From plot points, to programming; nothing is off limits in this fun, face-paced game where anyone who loves the hugely successful, extremely suspenseful show will find themselves an expert.


A Walking Dead Last Call Trivia Question:

What familiar tree is shown in the foreground of funeral scenes?


Last Call Trivia Yukon Tavern

During each round, players will have the opportunity to wager points on each of their answers. For example, in the first half of the game, you can wager 1, 3, or 6 points, and because each wager amount can be used only once, players must make their choice based on the amount of confidence they have in your answer. This wagering system allows players to use strategy along with knowledge of the show.

Last Call Trivia Yukon Tavern

The two hour game is free to all players and teams are comprised of one to eight players. Throughout the game the Yukon staff will be on hand to deliver  Just enough time a juicy burger and your favorite beer right to your table.


 Answer: A weeping willow.


Drag your undead corpse into the Yukon Tavern this Monday, September 24that 7pm for a night of fun with Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes and his gang of survivors as they battle their way through a zombie apocalypse. All fans of “The Walking Dead” will be welcome at this special edition of Last Call Trivia—whether or not you have a pulse.Photo by Ewen RobertsPhoto by Ewen Roberts



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