Escape to the Yukon Tavern for Your Holiday Hideaway

The celebratory marathon is nearly over and your cup of cheer is nearly depleted. Don’t fade away into a mountain of wrapping paper and jingle bells–come down to the Yukon Tavern, your holiday hideaway!

Bars in Southeast Portland

Our bar will open at 11AM on New Year’s Day to serve our Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood friends.


Get the taste of leftover turkey out of your mind by biting into a juicy burger from the Yukon kitchen in our “end of the year” meal before you face your New Year’s resolutions. You don’t have to hold back on this meal because it’s still technically holiday food, so pile on the tater tots!


Take out all the stresses of hosting relatives with a pint of beer, a glass of wine, a mug of cider or a shot of liquor. Our bartenders can mix up any of your favorite drinks, or give you a pull from one of our rotating taps. (Check out our online leader board to see what’s on tap right now!)

NFL at the Yukon Tavern

NCAA football bowl games will be playing on our TVs all day. You won’t have to miss any of the action on the field as you recover from days of goodwill. Cheer on your team and let the wrath you have for the opposing team chase the remnants of forced holiday cheer out of your mind.

Taco Tuesday at the Yukon Tavern

Start 2019 off right! Join us in Southeast Portland at the Yukon Tavern on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day for a tavern lover’s “me” day and you’ll be able to escape the holidays with a burger, a beer, and college football bowl games!





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