Going Topless at the Yukon Tavern!

The height of summer is upon us and that means a lot of hot days in the coming weeks. We may all be thinking about cooling off on a beach somewhere, but at the Yukon Tavern you can go topless right here in Southeast Portland! 


Every good burger begins with high-quality beef, and the chefs at the Yukon don’t skimp on taste when they prepare a Topless Double Double. They use only the juiciest, most delicious meat they can find and grill it to perfection, with crispy edges on the outside and a perfectly cooked burger on the inside. They throw a slice of cheddar cheese over each patty and let it melt down the sides, sealing in the flavor and adding a creamy layer of great taste. 


Next, they pile it high with two slices of tomato and some onion and skewer it through to a bed a crunchy lettuce leaves and place it on a plate next to a dill pickle spear and a pile of fries, tater tots, or kettle chips. It’s a meal good enough for any grill master!


Whether you are living a carb free life or just prefer to keep the taste of high-quality beef front and center on your plate, the Yukon’s Topless Double Double is a great way to let loose and enjoy a summer meal.

Join us at the Yukon Tavern’s street-side seating on Milwaukee Avenue for a Topless Double Double and a pint of your favorite summer beer!


Celebrate Spring with a Yukon Tavern Blue Cheese Burger

Spring has sprung! The birds are singing and we’re seeing glimpses of blue sky overhead. After the kind of winter we’ve had, I think that calls for a celebration at the Yukon Tavern with one of our delicious Blue Cheese Burgers!


As the days get warmer and the skies get clearer, we all begin to count down the days until we can spend every hour outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We’ll sit outside at one of our street side tables and enjoy a great beer and a burger while we enjoy the company of our Sellwood-West Moreland friends.


The burger that springs to mind when we have these happy thoughts is our Blue Cheese Burger. Its layers of savory beef patty, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, and a heaping smear of blue cheese dressing inside a toasted bun is perfect to get you in the mood for the many evenings of good times to come. Pair that with some tater tots, onion rings, or our famous Yukon Waffle Fries and a great craft beer and you’ll have a perfect meal all inside one basket.

Yukon - Outdoor Seating

The never-ending winter of 2017 is finally over and it’s time to celebrate with us at Southeast Portland’s favorite neighborhood bar! Stop by this evening for a Blue Cheese Burger and some friendly conversation and get your mind set for the warm spring nights to come at the Yukon Tavern.

Hot Dogs and the World Series at the Yukon Tavern

Baseball, hot dogs, apple cider and the Yukon Tavern!

The World Series begins on October 25th and the Yukon’s chefs have recreated the great taste of a ballpark frank with five takes on the classic using Hebrew National Hot Dogs. So join us at the bar for a dog, a beer and America’s favorite pastime.

Yukon - Hot Dogs.jpg

The Classic Hot Dogs
The beauty of a good hot dog begins with the meat, and Hebrew National is know for being made from premium cuts of 100% Kosher beef. Topped your way, with ketchup and mustard and a side of chips, this hot dog is an American classic for all baseball lovers.

Yukon - Hot Dogs1 copy 2.jpg

Chili Dogs
Spice up your dog with a helping of chili to give your taste buds an extra special treat. Throw in some onion and a bit of cheese and you’ll be able to go into the seventh inning stretch with vigor and verve.

Yukon - Hot Dogs1.jpg

Corn Dogs
Our corn dogs are dipped in corn bread batter, deep fried to a golden brown and served with stoneground mustard. It’s a sweet, spicy and savory experience served up inside a crunchy “bun.”

Yukon - Hot Dogs2 2.jpg

German Kraut Dogs
Go back to the source of great sausage dogs with our German Kraut Dog. The sweet, salty and sour taste is a treat that offers something new in a traditional frank. Add a side of our Yukon Waffle Fries and you’ve got an American version of a German classic.

2016-01-25 21.32.50

Chicago Dogs 
The grand champion of all our hot dog baskets is our famous Chicago Dog. Tomato, onions and a few sport peppers is the homerun recipe for this dog. And, this year you just may be able to celebrate a long awaited Cubs win with a celebratory Chicago Dog!

Plan to watch the World Series with us at the Yukon Tavern, where you can have that great stadium experience with a dog in one hand and a brewsky in the other inside Southeast Portland’s favorite neighborhood bar!

Building the Perfect Burger

Greeley Burger-001.jpg

Ah—the sight, the smell, the taste of a perfectly constructed burger! It’s a layer-upon-layer of flavor whose memory lingers on long after that last bite.

The Yukon Tavern’s classic cheeseburger represents our version of the perfect burger, with the best ingredients cooked to perfection, then stacked into a two-fisted tower that is sure to satisfy even the most discriminating burger lovers.

Greeley Burger (1)-001.jpg
When you bite into our cheeseburger your experience begins with the fresh taste of a brioche bun. Sink your teeth down into its silky inside until you reach the crunchy, rich taste of its lightly toasted interior.

The next layer of flavor is delivered through a smear of sauce that brings a sweet and spicy kick to the mix.

Greeley Burger (2).jpg

Next, you’re taste buds will encounter the cool, fresh layers of lettuce tomato and onion, combined with a warm, savory, juicy patty before giving way to the smooth and creamy taste of melted cheddar cheese laying over the patty and melting down its edges.

Served in a basket with your choice of sides (chips are included, or you can substitute salad, fries, or tots), it is an example of classic American pub grub. And, just like the Yukon Tavern itself, this menu item’s long history serves as a reminder that perfection comes from years of practice and, in this case, a passion for the art of creating the perfect burger.

What do you think makes the perfect burger? We want to hear about your favorite combinations in the comments below.

Ordering Up a Daily Special at the Yukon Tavern

The Yukon Tavern is a workingman’s bar and we know those lunch hours are short. If you want a good meal but you’re facing another soggy sandwich don’t give up on a great workday lunch until you’ve checked out the daily specials, served Monday through Friday, at the Yukon Tavern.

Yukon - Daily SpecialsFor only $5 you’ll get a filling meal prepared hot and fresh for you in a matter of minutes and brought to your table by one of the Yukon’s friendly wait staff.

Yukon - Daily Specials4

Each day there are different tasty plates to try. Sometimes inspiration for the specials comes from our regular menu, like our Grilled Cheese with Bacon and a Cup of Soup.

Yukon - Daily Specials1

And other days there are brand new creations to try, like the lunchtime favorite; Tuna Melt with Chips and a Pickle.

Yukon - Daily Specials2

You’ll often see your favorites, like Cheeseburger Sliders (also with a bag of chips and a pickle).

Yukon - Daily Specials3

All the specials will pair well with the world-class beer, cider, wine, and cocktails we serve up from behind the bar. Our Guinness© Fish with Waffle Fries is an Irish classic that cries out for a companion pint of Guinness Stout.

When lunchtime comes around toss that paper bag lunch in the trash and make your way over to the Yukon Tavern on Milwaukie Avenue for a great hot lunch, a refreshing drink, and a moment to recuperate from a busy day at work.



The Gold Rush is on at the Yukon Tavern!

They glimmer, they shine, they’re crispy on the outside! They are the Yukon Gold Waffle Fries served at the Yukon Tavern! 

You don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to Yukon Territory to find your gold mine. Just turn down SE Milwaukee in Sellwood-Moreland and stop in at the Yukon Tavern for a basket of our piping hot Yukon Gold Waffle Fries. 


Our building was erected not long after gold miners traveled up and down the Willamette in search of their payload and it must have rubbed off on us because we’ve created an appetizer that will have you thinking you’ve hit the motherload. Ridges stacked upon ridges of Yukon Gold potato slices, cut just right to hold your favorite dipping sauce. It’s a crispy golden nugget of a tasty tater. 

2016-01-25 21.32.50

I like to pair mine with a Chicago Dog covered in onions, tomatoes, and sport peppers. We only use the best ingredients in all our food, and when you combine our Hebrew National hot dog with the best tasting potatoes you know you’re in for a treat almost too good to eat! Add one of Portland’s great craft beers to that meal and you’ll be feeling like you’ve struck gold, too.

We’ve got a menu jammed packed with great tasting appetizers and sides, including our signature waffle fries. Come into the Yukon Tavern today to try out a basket of Yukon Gold Waffle Fries during our two daily Happy Hours from 3 pm to 7:30 pm and 10 pm to close.

Got a Sweet Tooth? We Can Help You With That

You’ve had your Chicago Dog, with its spicy “sport peppers.” You’ve downed it with one of Portland’s great craft beers. You taken care of the hunger that’s been plaguing you all day, now satisfy that sweet tooth with one of the Yukon Tavern’s favorite treats; a spiked Pudding Shot!


Mixing the great taste of chocolate, the airy texture of whipped topping, the creamy smoothness of milk, and a doubled-down kick of Baily’s© Original Irish Cream whiskey and vodka, our bartenders have created a treat for all of you who love to end their meal on a sweet note. 

IMG_3424 (1)

It’s a drink you eat with a spoon!

IMG_3421 (1)

Whether you try the original chocolate flavor, or a special edition variety of coconut or peppermint, you’ll love our take on the party favorite. They are great before, during and after a meal. I love them right after a basket of the Yukon’s Sriracha Chicken Nuggets to help take the temperature back down. And, one Pudding Shot, or more, make a great prize to bet on when you step up to the pool or shuffleboard tables.

Yukon - GWD.4

Come into the Yukon Tavern today in the Southeast Portland neighborhood of Sellwood-Moreland and try one of our spiked Pudding Shots. It’s a great way to end a meal and start a party!