A Yukon Tavern Family Thanksgiving

The holidays have arrived! It’s time to find your happy place and enjoy a day spent with the people you enjoy most. That’s our goal at the Yukon Tavern, and we’d like to extend an invitation to you to join us on Thursday, November 22, when we celebrate Thanksgiving with an All-Day Happy Hour and drink specials featuring Wild Turkey whiskey!


Forget that dried up old bird! Sit down to one of our juicy burgersor sandwiches for your holiday meal. Add a side of fries, chips, or tots and fill up on a beer while you watch your favorite teams take to the field.

Finger foods and drinks specials are waiting for you to enjoy, and nine juicy burgers, too! Our kitchen will be preparing all our regular menu items and daily specials that day, and you’ll want to check out our Happy Hour menu because we’re offering those prices all-day on Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a little turkey, so, we’re offering drink specials and Wild Turkey bourbon, too! Aged in charred oak barrels for at least two years, this Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey tastes stronger and sweeter than other whiskeys. Come in and celebrate the holiday with a warm shot of Wild Turkey!

Yukon - Thanksgiving.jpg

And, of course, we’ll have football on and our pool table, shuffleboard table, and electronic poker are all waiting for you to enjoy while you’re at the Yukon.

Yukon - Mysterious Lady1

This Thanksgiving give yourself something to be thankful for—celebrate with your friends at the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland! We’re open from 11am to 2:30am.


The NFL Comes to the Yukon Tavern

Join us on Sundays for exciting NFL action at the Yukon Tavern! We’ve subscribed to a cable package this year to put you front and center at the 50-yard line of all your most anticipated games.

NFL a the Yukon Tavern

Start NFL Sunday at the Yukon with our Breakfast Specials

Each Sunday at 10am our chefs will be filling your plate with the most beloved tailgate foods—breakfast style! Eggs, toast, bacon, along with many other early morning staples will provide you with a breakfast of champions as you sit down with us to watch a full day of NFL play. As the day moves on you can turn to our selection of delicious burgers and hot dogs to get you energized for the afternoon games. And, with the Yukon’s daily drink specials that run all day long, you’ll be all set in your favorite cheering section to watch the games.

NFL at the Yukon Tavern

The Best Sports Viewing

The Yukon Tavern has the best cable sports packages ready for you on our four big screen TVs. Find your spot and camp out all day as you watch the plays that will foretell what’s to come on the way to Super Bowl LIII. All season long we’ll be showing the most competitive games and, with the Yukon’s free WiFi, you can follow all the changes to your Fantasy Football leagues in real time and get updates on the teams you aren’t watching.

NFL at the Yukon Tavern

No matter what team you’re rooting for you’ll find your cheering section here with us at the Yukon Tavern. We open at 9am on Sundays and breakfast is ready at 10. Stop in and find your seat with us during NFL Sunday at the Yukon Tavern, Southeast Portland’s favorite neighborhood bar!




The Yukon Tavern Welcomes Reed College Students

School is back in session and the Yukon Tavern is ready for the rush of new Reed College students (21+) who are looking for a favorite neighborhood bar to call our bar their “home away from home.”

reed college bars

The Yukon Tavern is a long-established Sellwood-Moreland bar that has been a favorite in Southeast Portland for over eighty years. The current owners, Jon and Rainer, are keeping the Yukon’s welcoming traditions alive with an updated look, fun events, an inviting atmosphere, and great food and drinks every day.

bars near reed college

Every month the Yukon hosts several events that bring people of every kind to our bar. Weekly Last Call Trivia games bring out the inner quiz master in all of us and MAD Poker satisfies that gambling spirit in you with free Texas Hold ‘em games. Check out our calendar to see what’s happening today!

2016-06-27 05.08.14

Are you an artist at heart? Join us monthly for “Paint Your Heart Out” mobile studio events. Love movies? We’ve got you covered with “Yukon Suds and Cinema,” where you can enjoy a burger and a beer as you watch some of the best Hollywood movies, like Star War’s The Last Jedi, Airplane, Jaws, and The Dirty Dozen.


Along with the sports we broadcast on our four TVs, we also have the traditional tavern-style games. Keno, video poker, a collection of traditional board games, and pool are all available anytime you stop by, and don’t forget to take a turn at Portland’s longest tabletop shuffleboard. Rumor has it that ours is the longest in the city and the challenge is to drink a beer before the puck gets to the opposite side. Think you can do it?

Of course, we also offer a full menu of great burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, and entrees and a full bar with experienced bartenders who can recommend just the right drink to go along with your meal. With two Happy Hours daily, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy everything on the menu.

Bars in Southeast Portland

Welcome to our SE Portland neighborhood, Reed College students! We hope you’ll make the Yukon Tavern your favorite neighborhood bar as you pursue your degree. Our bar is a great place for your next study session, with good times, incomparable service, and free WiFi waiting for you!

Yukon Tavern

Check out our Facebook feed for regular updates on what’s going on at the Yukon!






We’re “Swimming With the Fishes” at the Yukon Tavern

The Yukon Tavern is prepared to give you “an offer you can’t refuse;” delicious fish tacos!

Yukon Tavern specials

The Yukon’s fish tacos are made with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, a crispy fried fish filet and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese all nestled inside a velvety flour tortilla. They are hand-sized and served with a side of salsa for a spicy kick in the mouth!

Yukon Tavern Specials

After you’ve finished off your last taco head to safety south of the border with one of two light and refreshing great beer pairings. You can check our online leaderboard for updates on what’s currently on tap, or…

Yukon Tavern Specials

Go for a bottle of Pacifico. A Mexican beer created in the style of European brewers, it is a refreshing, light beer that is highly buoyant and features a dense, white head. The brewery was established in the port town of Mazatlán by three Germans in 1900. It combines the great Mexican taste with German brewing experience for $3 a bottle.

Yukon Tavern Specials

Brewed in Baja Mexico for over 60 years, Tecate is a well-balanced bright golden lager with a malt crisp flavor and low to medium bitterness that finishes clean. It’s a great accompaniment if you’re looking for a light beer to go with your tacos and we serve up cold ones in tall cans for $3.

Yukon Tavern Specials

Get your story straight because the Yukon Tavern on Milwaukee Avenue in Southeast Milwaukee Avenue will help you “swim with the fishes” every week. Join the Yukon family for fish tacos, our Friday Daily Special for only $4, and you’ll find that you’ve become the “wiseguy” of your family!

¡Ay, caramba! It’s Taco Tuesday at the Yukon Tavern!

Who doesn’t love a taco?

Nobody, that’s who.

Tacos are a flavorful, crunchy, meaty, cheesey wonder food that is perfectly designed to fit in your hand, and even better than that—they are the featured special every week on Taco Tuesday at the Yukon Tavern!

Taco Tuesday at the Yukon Tavern

Served nestled two, three, or four to a basket, these are the tacos you grew up eating—crunchy all beef tacos with fresh ingredients. When paired with our Twice Daily Happy Hour and our drink special of the day, John Jameson Irish Whiskey, you’ll want to keep the party going all day long. And you can do that because they’re only $1.75 each!

Taco Tuesday at the Yukon Tavern

Before you dive into your delicious tacos why not give them an accompanying kick with a shot of Mexico’s most famous drink; tequila! This distilled beverage is made from the Mexican blue agave plant and is typically served neat in its home country, rather than as a shot with salt and lime as it is throughout the rest of the world. Either way, you like it, it’s a fun party drink that is perfectly suited to toast the world’s most beloved Mexican street food.

Yukon Tavern

Next time you’re south of the border (in Southeast Portland) on a Tuesday stop by the Yukon Tavern on SE Milwaukee Avenue for Taco Tuesday and a tequila shot. You’ll think you’ve made it to a Mexican paradise where good food and great drinks are waiting for you all day long!


Bring Out Your Irish at Yukon Tavern’s Irish Sunday!

One day a year is not enough to celebrate the home of one of our favorite beers. That’s why the Yukon Tavernis bringing back St. Patrick’s this Sunday for another round of celebrating all things Irish!

Yukon - Irish Sunday7

We love the food, the music, the whiskey and, especially, the beer, so we’ve put together an event that features all the best things the Emerald Isle offers for our party, starting with ever-flowing Guinness!

Cloudy Guinness

The Beer of Ireland

Ah, Guinness! The golden nectar of the greenest country on the planet. This Irish dry stout comes to us straight from Dublin and is one of the most beloved beers in the world. Its distinctive burnt flavor is derived from the combination of malted barley and roasted unmalted, or “green” barley. Its thick, creamy head is created by the nitrogen and carbon dioxide released at the pour. It’s truly the pot of gold found at the end of a rainbow.

Yukon - Irish Sunday1

The Whiskey of Ireland

Irish Whiskey will represent the cocktail at our party. We have fourteen top-shelf brands to choose from, including Jameson Irish Whiskey. It is created from a blend of grain and single pot still whiskey using locally farmed malted and unmalted barley harvested within a fifty-mile radius around the County Cork-based distillery.–literally the taste of Ireland in a glass!

Yuko - Irish Sunday10

The Yukon will be hosting an Irish Whiskey Tasting during our Irish Sunday, with 13 different varieties ready for you to evaluate. So, come in and find your favorite variety!

Yukon - Irish Sunday3

The Food of Ireland

Now that your taste buds are sufficiently lubricated you’ll want to follow that up with a hearty Irish meal. You’ll find bangers with Yukon Gold mash, Salisbury steak and Poutine (ok, poutine isn’t exactly Irish, but there are a lot of Irish descendants in Canada) on the menu this Sunday, so come hungry and fill up with a heaping helping of Ireland’s legendary flavors.

Yukon - Irish Sunday 

The Music of Ireland

Local Portland band Na Rósai will be performing traditional Irish musicfor the crowd, with Erik Killops on fiddle, Richie Rosencrans on bouzouki, tenor guitar and vocals, Preston Howard on uilleann pipes, whistles, and mouth harp, and Conor O’Bryan on flutes, whistles, and shakers. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported across the Atlantic on a song.


Pizza and Painting This Sunday at the Yukon Tavern

What goes together better than pizza and beer? Pizza, beer and painting!

This Sunday, March 25th join us at the Yukon Tavern for another round of artistic expression with Vine and Pallet, the Southeast’s best mobile art studio. Then, stick around afterwards for a free slice of pizza with every drink purchase during our Free Pizza Sunday!

Yukon - Vine and Pallet March 2018

Vine and Pallet Mobile Art Studio

Every month, Tina McDaniels returns with Vine and Pallet to guide us through an art lesson and help us dig into our creative talent during an afternoon of acrylic painting. Don’t worry about the mess or purchasing the supplies. For just $35, Tina will set you up with all the paints, brushes and event the canvas you’ll need, so you can create a new masterpiece for your home.


This weekend we’ll be painting a moody sunset scene with bright orange and blues reflecting off a serene creek. Pre-register by calling (971) 200-0760 or come down to the Yukon at 3pm to find your canvas waiting for you. Tina provides the set up and tear down-it just doesn’t get any easier!

Yukon - Pizza and Painting.png

A Slice of Free Pizza with Every Drink! 

Hang out with the Yukon crew after you’re finish because our Free Pizza Sunday special will soon be ready to satisfy the pizza lover in you!

2016-06-27 02.10.12

Pair a beer with a hot slice of pie-or maybe a glass of wine or cider–or maybe even a martini! It doesn’t matter what type of beverage you order, you’ll always get a free slice of pizza to go with it. Our latest food and drink special will be available every Sunday, so if you love beer and you love pizza, make plans to join us from 10pm to close.

Make this Sunday your “fun day” with Vine and Pallet mobile art studio and a delicious slice of free pizza! And, don’t forget to check out our calendar for more fun events at the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland.