The NFL Sunday Breakfast is the Yukon’s MVP

The Yukon Tavernis your 50-yard line seat for NFL Sunday! Our chefs have designed a menu that will fill you up with your favorite foods beginning with their NFL Breakfast at 9am!

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Sellwood football fans are lining up to enjoy one of five breakfast plates we’ve designed to get you energized to cheer on your favorite team. Check out the delicious dishes our chefs are offeringthroughout the 2018-2019 football season.

Yukon - NFL Breakfast1_JefferyW

Looking for a meal that’s going to stick to your ribs, but not your wallet? How about split biscuits smothered in savory, spicy sausage gravy? The Yukon’s Biscuits & Sausage Gravy plate is only $6, with a half order priced at just $4.

Yukon - NFL Breakfast4_John Sullivan

OurBacon & Eggs plate offers eggs cooked to order, crispy slices of bacon, fried country potatoes and toast for only $8! It’s the American standard in breakfast dishes and the perfect way to start a day of watching America’s number one sport.

Yukon - NFL Breakfast7_JefferyW

For a hand-held meal, give the Yukon’s Egg Sandwicha try. Our chefs pile an egg, cheese, and bacon inside an English Muffin for a memorable meal at only $6. This is a not your typical drive-thru breakfast sandwich.


Cut to the chase with our Eye Opener Breakfast. For only $11, we’ll serve you a Bloody Mary alongside bacon & eggs for a spicy morning meal that will get your blood flowing.

Yukon - NFL Breakfast_Krista

Bring it all home by piling all these great dishes onto one plate! Our Big Breakfast Combo includes bacon & eggs, potatoes & a side of biscuits and sausage gravy for just $11. It’s big enough to be your only meal of the day!

Yukon - NFL Breakfast5_George Kelly

Our bar is open for breakfast, too! We’ve got $3 Mimosas, $1.50 Miller Tallboys and $5 Dirty Bird Tall PBR & a shot of Old Crow.

Yukon - NFL Breakfast

Join us at the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland every Sunday morning for great football action and our special NFL Breakfast menu!


Vine and Pallet Returns with a Fall Themed Painting

Yukon - Vine and Pallet

Shh… Can you hear it? Is it calling your name?

Listen close and you might hear your artistic spirit calling you to the Yukon Tavernin Southeast Portland for another Vine and Pallet mobile studio workshop.


2016-12-11 00.12.01

When you sit down to an afternoon of painting with Vine and Pallet’s resident artist Tina McDaniel you experience art instruction, as well as inspiration. Tina has been painting all her life and is passing on her knowledge to her students through formal and informal instruction. Don’t worry about your experience or skill when you paint with Vine and Pallet; just bring your “can do” attitude and you’ll be taking home your very own masterpiece at the end of the event.


Vine and Pallet has all the supplies ready for you to create a masterpiece of your very own, so all you’ll need to bring is your willingness to give it a try. And, while you’re here why not order up a great meal from the Yukon’s kitchenor a drink from our bar. Painting with Tina is always a fun social event, so get creative and join the party!

Yukon Oct 6 2.jpg

This month Tina is taking us to the dark side with a Halloween themed painting of a terrifying pumpkin patch. Unlike other mobile art studios, Vine and Pallet strives to bring out the unique inner artist in you, so don’t expect a “paint by numbers” approach with this instructor. Tina is interested in helping you develop an individual expressive style that you can develop over time, refining your vision and opening the channel to your own endless inspiration.


Come out to the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland on Saturday, October 6th at 3pm to paint with Tina McDaniel of Vine and Pallet!

The NFL Comes to the Yukon Tavern

Join us on Sundays for exciting NFL action at the Yukon Tavern! We’ve subscribed to a cable package this year to put you front and center at the 50-yard line of all your most anticipated games.

NFL a the Yukon Tavern

Start NFL Sunday at the Yukon with our Breakfast Specials

Each Sunday at 10am our chefs will be filling your plate with the most beloved tailgate foods—breakfast style! Eggs, toast, bacon, along with many other early morning staples will provide you with a breakfast of champions as you sit down with us to watch a full day of NFL play. As the day moves on you can turn to our selection of delicious burgers and hot dogs to get you energized for the afternoon games. And, with the Yukon’s daily drink specials that run all day long, you’ll be all set in your favorite cheering section to watch the games.

NFL at the Yukon Tavern

The Best Sports Viewing

The Yukon Tavern has the best cable sports packages ready for you on our four big screen TVs. Find your spot and camp out all day as you watch the plays that will foretell what’s to come on the way to Super Bowl LIII. All season long we’ll be showing the most competitive games and, with the Yukon’s free WiFi, you can follow all the changes to your Fantasy Football leagues in real time and get updates on the teams you aren’t watching.

NFL at the Yukon Tavern

No matter what team you’re rooting for you’ll find your cheering section here with us at the Yukon Tavern. We open at 9am on Sundays and breakfast is ready at 10. Stop in and find your seat with us during NFL Sunday at the Yukon Tavern, Southeast Portland’s favorite neighborhood bar!




The Yukon Tavern Welcomes Reed College Students

School is back in session and the Yukon Tavern is ready for the rush of new Reed College students (21+) who are looking for a favorite neighborhood bar to call our bar their “home away from home.”

reed college bars

The Yukon Tavern is a long-established Sellwood-Moreland bar that has been a favorite in Southeast Portland for over eighty years. The current owners, Jon and Rainer, are keeping the Yukon’s welcoming traditions alive with an updated look, fun events, an inviting atmosphere, and great food and drinks every day.

bars near reed college

Every month the Yukon hosts several events that bring people of every kind to our bar. Weekly Last Call Trivia games bring out the inner quiz master in all of us and MAD Poker satisfies that gambling spirit in you with free Texas Hold ‘em games. Check out our calendar to see what’s happening today!

2016-06-27 05.08.14

Are you an artist at heart? Join us monthly for “Paint Your Heart Out” mobile studio events. Love movies? We’ve got you covered with “Yukon Suds and Cinema,” where you can enjoy a burger and a beer as you watch some of the best Hollywood movies, like Star War’s The Last Jedi, Airplane, Jaws, and The Dirty Dozen.


Along with the sports we broadcast on our four TVs, we also have the traditional tavern-style games. Keno, video poker, a collection of traditional board games, and pool are all available anytime you stop by, and don’t forget to take a turn at Portland’s longest tabletop shuffleboard. Rumor has it that ours is the longest in the city and the challenge is to drink a beer before the puck gets to the opposite side. Think you can do it?

Of course, we also offer a full menu of great burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, and entrees and a full bar with experienced bartenders who can recommend just the right drink to go along with your meal. With two Happy Hours daily, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy everything on the menu.

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Welcome to our SE Portland neighborhood, Reed College students! We hope you’ll make the Yukon Tavern your favorite neighborhood bar as you pursue your degree. Our bar is a great place for your next study session, with good times, incomparable service, and free WiFi waiting for you!

Yukon Tavern

Check out our Facebook feed for regular updates on what’s going on at the Yukon!






New Quizmaster Brings a Fresh Mix of Questions to Last Call Trivia

Nothing beats a fresh take on an old favorite. Kelly Richardson, the new host of Last Call Trivia believes this, too, and she’s proving it round after round of bar trivia every Monday night at the Yukon Tavern.

IMG_0306 2

Kelly has always loved trivia and has played trivia games since she was a child.  She began playingLast Call Triviawith friends and really enjoyed the combination of strategy and trivia knowledge that the game employs. A year later, she joined the Last Call team to host her own games. In her role of quizmaster, she brings this lifetime love on the road to bars around Portland, with a broad range of questions that include everything from history, science, literature, pop culture, and more. When she’s at the Yukon she finds that the crowd really gets into the game and she enjoys the spirited, friendly competition that plays out during the game.


Last Call Trivia is Kelly’s favorite format for bar trivia. She finds that the pace of the game provides ample opportunity for socializing between questions and the questions are varied enough that all players have a chance to flex their trivia muscles.


That’s what I found when I played a Kelly hosted game. With a time limit of one song for each answer stage, there was time enough to refuel with food and drink, chat up your fellow players, and even throw out some playful banter to the other tables.


And, a few players even backed up their answers with some tough talk and a few bets for drinks. After six rounds of three questions each and four bonus questions, the game wraps up the first-place winners taking home gift certificates from the Yukon and the last place winner taking home a booby prize, courtesy of our host Kelly. Our table missed out on both by coming in third place. But we won on fun!

IMG_0319 2

Our informal games are open to a single player team or teams with multiple players, and Last Call Trivia gives $2,500 away at each of their City Tournaments (3 times per year for a total of $7,500 locally in Portland) and $10,000 at our National Tournament in April!

Come out to the Yukon Tavern for Last Call Trivia on Monday nights at 7pmand join host Kelly Richardson as she tests our collective trivia knowledge!

Ciders for Summer Sipping at the Yukon Tavern

Hard ciders have finally cemented themselves alongside microbrews on the Portland bar scene. At the Yukon Tavernwe’ve taken these great tasting beer alternatives to the next level and placed them side by side with your favorite foreign and domestic drafts on our rotating taps.

The History of Cider

With its great taste and indisputable health benefits, ciders have a long history as a beloved tavern libation in the UK and its Commonwealth. In 1620, the pilgrims brought the craft of cider making to the shores of Plymouth and, overtime, the production of cider became the primary reason apples became a successful cash crop in the New World. Remember Johnny Appleseed? He wasn’t planting all those trees just for apple pies! During Prohibition cider manufacturing collapsed and only a small number of cider apple trees escaped the Temperance Movement’s axe, only to show up in our Southeast neighborhood bar nearly 100 years later.

Yukon - Summer Ciders

Health Benefits

Not only does hard cider taste great, it’s also a drink that offers a lot of health benefits. They are made without wheat, so people who are sensitive to gluten or have Celiac disease can enjoy a cider alongside their beer drinking friends. Also, many of the proven health benefits found in a glass of wine are also found in ciders and most ciders have a lower alcohol content than other alcohol drinks, which makes it a responsible drinking choice, too!

Yukon - Summer Ciders2 2

Ciders at the Yukon

I spoke to Yukon Tavern manager Ashley McGarr recently to get the scoop on what makes a great hard cider and what brands she’d recommend on a hot summer day.

“Our rotating taps features several varieties of hard cider.Marionberry Cider from Swift Brewinguses Oregon-grown Marionberries that are pureed, then blended with a hard cider base prior to aging. This method uses the entire berry and provides a more intense flavor and aroma without the excessive sweetness you might find in a cider that uses a fruit concentrate.”

Viva La Pineapple from Rev. Nat’sis a summer seasonal cider with a semi-sweet taste that comes from apples grown in the Pacific Northwest and unfermented fresh pineapple juice. Cinnamon, cloves and allspice are added to give it another layer of flavor. (Beware, those who have allergies to pineapple.)”

Come into the Yukon Tavern today to try a true American classic, hard apple ciders!

Those Summer Nights at the Yukon Tavern

The Yukon Tavern calendar is full of fun events that will take you out of the heat and bring you into the cool embrace of your favorite Southeast Portland neighborhood bar.

Yukon - Irish Sunday1

Irish Sunday – July 15

Our Irish celebration continues with another Sunday dedicated to the music, food, and drinks of the Emerald Isle. This is the third time we’ve hosted this event and we’re bringing back customer favorites; whiskey tasting, Na Rosai Irish band, traditional foods, and Guinness!


Yukon - Last Call Trivia

Last Call Trivia – Mondays

Bring out your inner trivia nerd at the Yukon’s weekly quiz event, Last Call Trivia. Compete by yourself or with a group of friends to see who is the most knowledgeable trivia expert that ranges from sports, music, current events, and more!

 Yukon - Barfly

Suds and Cinema Movies – Tuesday, July 17

Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway will be joining us at the Yukon when Suds and Cinema Movies present the 1987 tavern themed movie “Barfly.” This movie is a favorite of Yukon manager Ashley and our tavern is the perfect setting to watch this story of poet Charles Bukowski’s Hollywood exploits during the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The show starts at 7:20pm.

Mock - Mad Poker

Mad Poker- Thursdays

The action’s hot every Thursday when the roving dealers of Mad Poker bring their free games of competitive gambling to our tables. The dealers have over 22 years of combined experience in league play and management and their games are open to all, regardless of skill level.

Yukon - Vine and Pallet

Vine and Pallet –  July 22

Enjoy an afternoon of artistry when Vine and Palletset up their canvases for a guided session of acrylic painting. Each month a new subject is explored and all supplies, including the canvas, are provided. More details to come on our July session. Check out the Yukon’s Facebook page for more details on the date, time and subject for July.


Hanging out at your favorite neighborhood bar on a summer night is a tradition in Southeast Portland and this July you have five reasons to spend your evenings at the Yukon Tavern!