Yukon Tavern’s Irish Sunday Returns for Another Round of Emerald Island Fun

Rollicking music, savory bits of hearty food, smooth whiskey, and frothy beers! How could you not fall in love with the Emerald Isle? The Yukon Tavern’s “Irish Sunday” event was such a great success we’ve decided to make this celebration for all things Irish a monthly event!

Yukon - Irish Sunday 2.0

Irish Sunday” is the latest event series hosted by the Yukon and it has already become a crowd favorite. Every month, we all get to enjoy the spirit of the Irish right here in our own SE Portland bar—complete with good food, great music, and a beer that will take your taste buds on a trip to the Emerald Ilse.

Yuko - Smithwicks_kruner

We’ve fallen in love with the pub culture of Ireland and want to share it with you. Along with Guiness®, we’ve added Smithwick’s Superior Irish Ale to our rotating taps and our whiskey tasting is back!

Yuko - Irish Sunday10

Test your taste buds to see if they can tell the difference between a northern or southern distillery. There are fourteen brands represented in our whiskey tasting collection.

Yukon - Irish Sunday

Na Rosai Irish is back to play their traditional Irish tunes. Band members Erik Kilops, Richie Rosencrans, Preston Howard, and Conor O’Bryan provide that warm Irish spirit that is at the heart of this amazing culture.

Yukon - Irish Sunday 2.02

The most important part of an Irish pub is its heart, and that’s where you come in! Join us this coming Sunday, May 20thfor the Yukon Tavern’s “Irish Sunday!” From 5:30-8:30pm, we will experience Ireland through its music, food and drink!

Yukon - Irish Sunday 2.04

And, as the Irish say, “Cheers, be yee!”


Bring Out Your Irish at Yukon Tavern’s Irish Sunday!

One day a year is not enough to celebrate the home of one of our favorite beers. That’s why the Yukon Tavernis bringing back St. Patrick’s this Sunday for another round of celebrating all things Irish!

Yukon - Irish Sunday7

We love the food, the music, the whiskey and, especially, the beer, so we’ve put together an event that features all the best things the Emerald Isle offers for our party, starting with ever-flowing Guinness!

Cloudy Guinness

The Beer of Ireland

Ah, Guinness! The golden nectar of the greenest country on the planet. This Irish dry stout comes to us straight from Dublin and is one of the most beloved beers in the world. Its distinctive burnt flavor is derived from the combination of malted barley and roasted unmalted, or “green” barley. Its thick, creamy head is created by the nitrogen and carbon dioxide released at the pour. It’s truly the pot of gold found at the end of a rainbow.

Yukon - Irish Sunday1

The Whiskey of Ireland

Irish Whiskey will represent the cocktail at our party. We have fourteen top-shelf brands to choose from, including Jameson Irish Whiskey. It is created from a blend of grain and single pot still whiskey using locally farmed malted and unmalted barley harvested within a fifty-mile radius around the County Cork-based distillery.–literally the taste of Ireland in a glass!

Yuko - Irish Sunday10

The Yukon will be hosting an Irish Whiskey Tasting during our Irish Sunday, with 13 different varieties ready for you to evaluate. So, come in and find your favorite variety!

Yukon - Irish Sunday3

The Food of Ireland

Now that your taste buds are sufficiently lubricated you’ll want to follow that up with a hearty Irish meal. You’ll find bangers with Yukon Gold mash, Salisbury steak and Poutine (ok, poutine isn’t exactly Irish, but there are a lot of Irish descendants in Canada) on the menu this Sunday, so come hungry and fill up with a heaping helping of Ireland’s legendary flavors.

Yukon - Irish Sunday 

The Music of Ireland

Local Portland band Na Rósai will be performing traditional Irish musicfor the crowd, with Erik Killops on fiddle, Richie Rosencrans on bouzouki, tenor guitar and vocals, Preston Howard on uilleann pipes, whistles, and mouth harp, and Conor O’Bryan on flutes, whistles, and shakers. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported across the Atlantic on a song.


People Come from All Around for “Yukon Suds and Cinema!”

Our reputation is spreading far and wide! People from across the United States continue to travel to the Yukon Tavernto enjoy our great food, drinks, bar games and the monthly Suds and Cinema movie presentation. 

Last fall a couple from Kansas stopped in for a showing of Big Trouble in Little China. The 1986 Kurt Russell and director John Carpenter fantasy martial arts comedy film is one of Danelle’s favorites and she and her husband, Aaron, made the trip to Southeast Portland to celebrate her birthday and watch the movie with friends and family at our neighborhood bar. As a special gift, our graphic artist Andy Vanderbilt added her image to the cult film poster that was handed out that night.

We recently hosted two wild and crazy guys from Eastern Washington who traveled to Portland to have a “guy’s weekend” and watch one of their favorite films; the 1977 Paul Newman movie Slap Shot. Being avid sports lovers, this off-the-rails hockey movie was perfect for a weekend dedicated to cutting loose and enjoying a few pints. Chad and Todd fit right in with our Sellwood-Moreland crowd and came away with a Tex Avery inspired poster to remember the night.

Yukon - Customers All Around3

Mark your calendars for next month’s showing of the 1981 classic Mommie Dearest on May 1stat 7:20pm. It’s a perfect outing for Mother’s Day, so bring your mom down to the Yukon Tavern—but tell her, “No wire hangers!”



Pizza and Painting This Sunday at the Yukon Tavern

What goes together better than pizza and beer? Pizza, beer and painting!

This Sunday, March 25th join us at the Yukon Tavern for another round of artistic expression with Vine and Pallet, the Southeast’s best mobile art studio. Then, stick around afterwards for a free slice of pizza with every drink purchase during our Free Pizza Sunday!

Yukon - Vine and Pallet March 2018

Vine and Pallet Mobile Art Studio

Every month, Tina McDaniels returns with Vine and Pallet to guide us through an art lesson and help us dig into our creative talent during an afternoon of acrylic painting. Don’t worry about the mess or purchasing the supplies. For just $35, Tina will set you up with all the paints, brushes and event the canvas you’ll need, so you can create a new masterpiece for your home.


This weekend we’ll be painting a moody sunset scene with bright orange and blues reflecting off a serene creek. Pre-register by calling (971) 200-0760 or come down to the Yukon at 3pm to find your canvas waiting for you. Tina provides the set up and tear down-it just doesn’t get any easier!

Yukon - Pizza and Painting.png

A Slice of Free Pizza with Every Drink! 

Hang out with the Yukon crew after you’re finish because our Free Pizza Sunday special will soon be ready to satisfy the pizza lover in you!

2016-06-27 02.10.12

Pair a beer with a hot slice of pie-or maybe a glass of wine or cider–or maybe even a martini! It doesn’t matter what type of beverage you order, you’ll always get a free slice of pizza to go with it. Our latest food and drink special will be available every Sunday, so if you love beer and you love pizza, make plans to join us from 10pm to close.

Make this Sunday your “fun day” with Vine and Pallet mobile art studio and a delicious slice of free pizza! And, don’t forget to check out our calendar for more fun events at the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland.

Vine and Pallet Returns to the Yukon to Take Us on an Artistic Journey

Yukon - Vine and PalletTina McDaniels and her mobile art studio, Vine and Pallet, are back to lead us through another afternoon of artistic expression at the Yukon Tavern on Sunday, February 25th. Every time Tina McDaniel brings her studio to the Yukon we know we’ll be enjoying a relaxing three hours of art instruction as she entertains us with stories of inspiration. Tina has been painting all her life and has passed on her knowledge to students through formal and informal instruction, but no need to worry about experience or skill with Vine and Pallet! Just bring along your “can do” attitude and you’ll be taking home your very own masterpiece at the event’s conclusion.

Vine and Pallet will have all the supplies ready for you to create your own masterpiece, all you have to do is show up ready to paint. While you’re here, why not order up a great meal from the Yukon’s kitchen or a drink from our bar. Painting with Tina is always a fun social event, so join in on the party.

Yukon - Paint Your Heart Out Feb2018

Unlike other mobile art studios, Vine and Pallet strives to bring out the unique inner artist in you. Don’t expect a “paint by numbers” approach with this instructor. Tina is interested in helping you develop your own expressive style that you can develop over time, refining your vision and opening the channel to endless inspiration. Each painting will different with the artists’ own interpretation being put on display, rather than a paint by numbers, “one size fits all” tactic.


Come out to the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland on Saturday, February 25th at 3pm to paint with Tina McDaniel of Vine and Pallet!


We’re Gonna Need the Biggest Boat at the Next Yukon Tavern Suds & Cinema

UPDATE: Due to the weather, we have rescheduled Suds & Cinema for Tuesday, February, 27 at 7:20pm.


Yukon - Orca

If you’ve got a life preserver handy you may want to bring it to the next Yukon Tavern “Suds & Cinema” for their showing of Orca on Tuesday, February 20th.

This 1977 cult classic was inspired by the blockbuster Jaws but it features an even larger threat in the form of a killer whale. This mammal with murderous instincts is on a mission to avenge the death of his family by the hands of a local fisherman, played by acclaimed actor Richard Harris, along with his sultry side-kick Bo Derek.

When Harris’s character accidently kills the female companion and their child,  an orca takes on his village, going after the local fishing economic structure—this whale thinks like a vengeful businessman and doesn’t mess around when going in for the kill. The movie has a good balance of competent filmmaking and camp and is backed up with a musical score from Ennio Maricone who created the iconic soundtrack from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”


Enjoy the movie with a fish and chips basket from the Yukon kitchen and a Guinness from our bar and get your own salty sailor vibe on as you watch man’s marine nemesis go after the fishing industry of a small coastal town. Our bar is a great port to pull into when you want to relax with friends and you may even walk away with the Yukon movie poster for Orca, created by graphic artist Andy Vanderbilt.

Yukon - GWD.3

Join us at the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland on Tuesday, February 20th at 7:20pm for Orca.

Yukon - Neon Sign

Don’t Miss Last Call Trivia at the Yukon Tavern

Yukon - Last Call Trivia

Trivia is back at the Yukon Tavern with Last Call Trivia!


A new challenge called Last Call Trivia has come to the Yukon and it’s taking no prisoners when it comes to calling out the smartest player of useless knowledge.


During each round, players have the opportunity to wager points with each of their answers. For example, in the first half of a trivia game, you can wager 1, 3, or 6 points, and because each wager can be used only once, players make their choice based on the amount of confidence they have in your answer. This wagering system allows players to use strategy, along with intelligence during the trivia game.

A theme round is announced after the 3rd question and before the bonus question, and if a player guesses correctly they can acquire an additional two points. But everyone can guess as often as they like without a penalty. The game is free to all players and is hosted by Quizmaster Ian, who will lead us through all the pop culture, history, music, television, movies, and current events questions of the night, all with a big dose of humor and with his own unique playlist playing as we search for the answers to his quizzy questions.


Teams are comprised of one to eight players and the game lasts about two hours. Just enough time to enjoy a juicy burger from our kitchen and your favorite beer from the bar.


Show your friends who is the baddest trivia hombre in Southeast Portland! Come out to the Yukon Tavern every Monday night at 7pm for Last Call Trivia.

2018-01-22 20.19.35