Introducing Yukon Suds & Cinema at the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland!

Yukon Suds & Cinema LogoThe Yukon Tavern is switching up our movie nights with a new name and a new focus towards films that are best watched with a cold, frosty beer in a bar.

This week host Mac Bell will be showing the Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho. This 1960 version is considered one of Hitchcock’s all-time best movies, pushing the limits of violence, psychosis and sexuality on film and is widely considered to be the earliest example of the popular slasher subgenre.

Psycho Pic

Norman Bates, proprietor of the Bates Motel, checks Marion Crane into a room where she settles down for the night with a nice, warm shower….I’ll save the rest for those few who are new to the film, but expect a huge creep factor from this black and white classic.

Yukon Suds & Cinema Psycho Ad 2

An interesting note about Psycho is that it was the first time a toilet was captured on film. Screenwriter Joseph Stefano insisted on including this shot, as he felt it would further disturb the audience. “I love this flick not only because it is an artistic masterpiece, but also because it pushed the boundaries of what you could show on film,” says Mac Bell. “And, it’s one of the earliest times the word ‘transvestite’ was used in a film. In fact, the term was so rarely used at the time the censorship board had to ask what that term meant.”

Yukon Suds & Cinema Psycho Ad 1

The new “Yukon Suds & Cinema” is checking into the Bates Motel on Tuesday, October 24 at 7:20pm at the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland. Don’t miss it or you might find yourself screaming in your shower later that night!

Psycho Poster


Vine and Pallet Explores Cubism This Sunday

The Yukon Tavern welcomes back Vine and Pallet Mobile Art Studio this Sunday for a lesson in Cubism, a style made famous by the legendary artist Pablo Picasso.

Yukon - Vine and Pallet for Sept 2017

Local artist and owner of Vine and Pallet Tina McDaniel combines the use of vivid colors and a fierce wolf’s stare in her latest project. Fun colors crisscrossing are the bright background for the black wolf who glares menacingly out at the viewer and red and white highlights provide a sense of movement to this intimidating canine.

Vine and Pallet is going into it’s second year as a regular event at the Yukon Tavern, providing hours of relaxing art instruction that is a perfect way to spend a rainy day inside—with good food and great beer, cider, wine and cocktails, too! Now that fall has finally arrived we’re expecting more artists to join us in learning the techniques of painting with acrylics.

2016-12-11 00.12.01.jpg

Each time Tina McDaniel brings her studio to our bar she brings with it her sparkling attitude and a knowledge of painting she’s gained throughout her life, along with all the supplies needed for you to create your own masterpiece.

2016-12-11 00.12.15.jpg

Mobile art studios are becoming more popular every year and the Yukon is very lucky to have a very gifted painter as our resident artist. Don’t expect a “paint by numbers” approach with this instructor. Tina is interested in helping you develop your own expressive style that is unique to you.  That’s what I love most about McDaniel’s instruction—each image painted in the class is different, something that is not seen in some other classes.

Join us this Sunday, September 24th from 3 – 6pm at Southeast Portland’s favorite neighborhood bar, the Yukon Tavern, for Vine and Pallet Mobile Art Studio, and come away with your very own masterpiece!

Check out our monthly event schedule on our website to see all the great events you’ll find at the Yukon Tavern in Sellwood-Moreland.


The Yukon Tavern Welcomes Reed College Students

Another semester has started at the Reed College and the Yukon Tavern would like to extend a welcome to all the new and returning students!

Yukon - Reed College.jpg

The Yukon Tavern has a long history of good times as one of Southeast Portland’s longest established bar. It’s where friends gather and new patrons soon turn into regulars.

Yukon Tavern1

We serve the best Pacific Northwest beers, ciders, cocktails, and wines, and have just added the new CBD drinks. Check out our automatically updated online leaderboard to see what’s on tap right now.

2016-06-27 03.20.45

Throughout the month we host several events, like karoke, Texas Hold ‘em tournaments, pub quiz challenges, free pool and painting events. A recent addition to our monthly events is the Yukon Cult Cinema, where can enjoy a fun movie experience with a beer and a burger in hand.


And we have the best pub grub menu in Southeast Portland, too!

Our chefs take pride in their work and are always trying to outdo themselves in our kitchen, with both traditional and experimental dishes. Try our weekend breakfast menu on after a late night, and don’t forget to look at our daily specials!


Our game room has Portland’s longest tabletop shuffleboard, a pool table, and several video poker machines.

Yukon - Watching the Game copy

We’re also a great choice to watch your favorite teams. We’ve got screens positioned across the bar so no one will miss a minute of sports action.

Yukon Tavern2

With all the great events, food, and drinks we offer it’s no wonder that our bar has become a neighborhood favorite. Stop in today to check out the Yukon Tavern in Sellwood-West Moreland.


Yukon Cult Cinema Presents the 1981 Classic Heavy Metal

Yukon - Cult Cinema Heavy Metal.jpg

Get ready for a wild ride through the sci-fi world of Heavy Metal when the Yukon Cult Cinema returns with the 1981 rock n roll film classic.

Heavy Metal is a series of six animated vignettes that follow the story a mysterious glowing orb, called Loc-Nar. Each one presents a bizarre and fantastic tale to an astronaut’s daughter. The stand out tales include a futuristic film noir taxi ride to escape murderous thugs, a World War II bombing mission led by a haunted skeleton crew, and a ride across the universe with two stoner aliens.


The story most people remember is an epic adventure into the world of “Neverwhere” with a puny 18-year-old, turned naked muscle man “Den.” He takes on two formidable foes, including one with two huge “assests.”

Ask any fan—It’s the stuff of a teenage boy’s dream.

If you love Conan-like adventures in a science fiction world, you are going to love Heavy Metal. It’s got a great soundtrack filled with 80’s classic rock from Journey, Sammy Hagar, Black Sabbath, Nazareth and Devo, among other artists.

Yukon - Cult Cinema1 copyWho says cartoons are just for kids? Heavy Metal is a must-see classic R rated film, with all the violence and sexually charged content a kid could want. Just ask Yukon Cult Cinema host Mac Bell, who reiterates, “It’s a true cult classic. It’s mix of loud rock n roll, unique animation, and raunchy humor is the perfect movie for a place like the Yukon.”


Come out to the Yukon Tavern on Tuesday, August 29 for the classic animated masterpiece, Heavy Metal. Enjoy a few pints of beer and a basket of Yukon Waffle Fries with friends as you cruise through time and space!

Yukon - GWD.5

And check this out – We’ll be handing out original Heavy Metal prints created by graphic artist Andy Vanderbilt during the movie!


Original art by Andy Vanderbuilt


How Do Bartenders Conduct Research: the Yukon’s Annual Pub Crawl!

One thing has always been true about the Yukon Tavern’s bartenders and wait staff: they always strive to provide the best experience for every person who enters our Southeast Portland neighborhood tavern. Owners Jon and Rainer believe the best way to do this is to experience the legendary Portland bar scene, that’s why every year they gather their staff together and hit the road for a research tour unlike any other.


Jon and Rainer made sure we rode in style on Double Decker PDX’s bus, and everyone took a turn at the on-board, online music.

Yukon - Pub Crawl

The annual Pub Crawl brings the staff from all three of our family of bars—the Yukon Tavern and our North Portland bars Mock Crest Tavern and Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill—for an evening of tasting, evaluating, and discussions of what makes great service, inviting décor, and delicious food and drinks.

Yukon - Pub Crawl2.png

We traveled to seven bars during our tour and each one was distinctive. From beloved neighborhood bars, to sophisticated pubs that draw crowds from across the city.

Yukon - Pub Crawl3.png

All offered their own unique take on the Portland bar scene.

Yukon - Pub Crawl4.png

We even stepped into a new taproom that featured one of the new “green” CBD beverages, a marijuana edibles.

Yukon - Pub Crawl5.png
We sampled their food menus, too. Wood fired pizza, grilled asparagus with aioli, ta-choes (a nacho plate that begins with tater tots—yum, yum!). There was no doubt that the legendary Portland food scene translates well into pub grub.

Yukon - Pub Crawl6.png

And, of course we sampled their drink menu! So many innovative cocktails, ciders, wines and beers! Our bartenders found many new favorites, as well as the tried and true brews we love to serve.

Yukon - Pub Crawl7.png

Yea, our research trip gives us a chance to know our competition and get great new ideas that we can share in our pub, but most of all it gives us a chance to enjoy the Portland bar scene that we love. Thanks, Jon and Rainer, for another great pub crawl!


Summer Barbecue at the Yukon Tavern

Yukon Tavern2

It’s summer! At the Yukon Tavern that calls for a neighborhood cookout where we take the great tasting food our neighbors love most outside into the beautiful sunshine.

Yukon - BBQ Cookout.jpg

On Sunday, July 2nd from 4 to 7pm we will be firing up our grill and cooking in the great flavor that can only come from a hot flame, using the same delicious recipes the Yukon is so well known for around our Sellwood-West Moreland neighborhood.


Juicy hamburgers and cheeseburgers, with gooey, melting cheese and layers of fresh lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion for only $4.


And, of course, our famous Nathan’s hot dogs will be sizzling right beside them. You can dress those up with a mix of veggies and condiments as they come off the grill for $2. Yum! Yum!

Yukon - Outdoor Seating1

Add a spoonful of baked beans and potato salad on the side, and then take a seat at our outside patio tables.

Yukon - Outdoor Seating2

But don’t forget to order a pint of your favorite beer to accompany your meal. We’ve got all the best brews listed on the Yukon Tavern Leaderboard, and you can get the latest updates via your phone when you go to our automatically updated online listing of rotating taps. Along with the meal, we’re hosting bingo for anyone who loves testing the odds and, of course, our “Free Pool on Sundays” event will be going on throughout the day.

Yukon Tavern2

Stick around as the sun goes down to enjoy the summer night with all of us at the Yukon Tavern, Southeast Portland’s best dive bar!


Bob and Doug Mackenzie Bring Their “Strange Brew” to the Yukon Cult Cinema

Chaos ensues when you mix questionable management at a mental institution, a crooked brewmeister, and two Canadian hosers. The chaos is called Strange Brew and it’s the next presentation coming to the Yukon Tavern’s newest monthly event: the Yukon Cult Cinema.

Yukon - Summer Activities1

Bob and Doug Mackenzie, brothers who bond over their excessive love of beer and donuts, uncover an evil scheme brewing at the Elsinore Brewery when they are employed as bottle inspectors. They soon find themselves embroiled in a life or death struggle against a powerful enemy who’s out to steal control of their beloved brewery—with the help of two angry hockey teams.

Yukon - GWD.3

Based loosely on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Bob and Doug take the roles of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, via an Abbott and Costello mentality. The movie is rooted in 1980’s pop culture, with a familiar soundtrack and catch phrases familiar to followers of SCTV, Canada’s version of Saturday Night Live, where its two stars, Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, got their start.

Yukon - Strange Brew.PNG

It’s a great time to revisit this dynamic duo, as they are in the process of reprising their roles as Bob and Doug for a benefit in Toronto next month. Dare we hope they will take to the screen once again?

Join movie expert and Yukon Cult Cinema host Mac Bell for another night of cinematic “genius” when he presents Strange Brew on June 27th at 7:20pm. Our bartenders will be on hand to make sure your glasses stay filled with Portland’s best beer, so you can drink your way right along with our two hosers, Bob and Doug  Mackenzie, on their on-screen adventure!