Atlas Cider Rules at the Yukon Tavern

Tavern aficionados from across Portland come to the Yukon Tavern every day to enjoy their favorite drinks. Whether it be Willamette Valley wines, the top shelf liquor, or the domestic, foreign, and locally brewed craft beers, you know the Yukon will serve you up a glass of the best drinks you’ll find in SE Portland. But now there’s a newcomer that’s arrived on our taps’ line, and it’s quickly winning the hearts of the Yukon crowd.

2016-06-27 02.08.49

Atlas POM-Cherry Cider marries two great fruits into a unique cider union. Pomegranates, the age-old jewel of fruits, bring a tart flavor and beautiful flavor that people have been enjoying since man first walked the Earth, and cherries, my favorite fruit, brings sweet notes that balance that tartness, making Atlas’s POM-Cherry a cider that is not too tart, not too sweet, but is just right for a drink you can enjoy when you are with your friends.

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Hard cider has an interesting history. The earliest record of fermenting apples goes back to 55 BC when the Romans invaded Kent, England and found villagers drinking an alcoholic drink made from apples. Between the 13th to the 17th, the people of Europe considered cider safer than water and received quarter of their wages paid in cider. When America was colonized the English brought their love of cider with them, becoming the favorite drink of our founding fathers and the original patriots.

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So if your love of cider has grown with each visit to the Yukon Tavern you can take comfort that the great men of America’s birth shared the same love you do. And as Benjamin Franklin said, “It’s indeed bad to eat apples, its better to turn them all into cider.”

How to Drink A Guinness the Irish Way

Again and again, Portland finds itself at the top of every list for the best beer city anywhere in the world. We know beer because we love beer. But do we know the proper way to drink beer? On Jon and Rainer’s recent pub-crawling trip through Ireland, they were schooled on the proper way to pour and drink a Guinness and now they want to share their education with Portland’s beer aficionados. Because, as one Irish bartender told them, “Great bartenders know how to craft a perfect pint.”

Here are the finer points of pouring the perfect pint of Guinness:

FIrst beer in Dublin at the Hairy Lemon

FIrst beer in Dublin at the Hairy Lemon

The “Two Step Pour”

  1. Use a Guinness drinking glass, with the Guinness logo.
  2. Grip Guinness glass with fingers placed vertically along the side with your forefinger on the harp.
  3. Tilt the glass 45 degrees under the tap letting the beer pour onto the harp.
  4. Pull the tap handle all the way down, pouring onto the harp .
  5. When the beer level reaches bottom of the harp, SLOWLY rotate the glass upright and “STOP at the top” of the harp.
  6. Set on bar for viewing and wait 2 minutes, or when the liquid part of the drink reaches the bottom of the harp and the foam is settled on the top.
  7. Finish filling the glass with the glass held straight down under the tap.
  8. Pour to the very top to create a head that is 3mm above glass and 18mm below to create “provide of the rim,” or the beautiful presentation of a traditional pint of Guinness.


The “One Step Pour” for Guinness in the can.

  1. Place the can on a level surface.
  2. Open the can and allow it to sit for five to ten seconds.
  3. Tilt the glass 45 degrees, and pour onto the harp.
  4. When the level reaches the bottom of the harp, level the glass vertically and finish the pour to create the famous Guinness head.

Yukon - Guinness Can.jpg

Note: Don’t be surprised when you pop open a can of Guinness and hear a rattling sound inside. All Guinness cans come with a patented “widget” ball. It’s a little plastic ball that provides movement inside the can to create the optimal head on their thick and creamy stout. Those Guinness brewers think of everything!

And most importantly: How to Drink a Guinness, according to the Guinness master brewer.

Guinness drinkers stand proud! You’ve earned your space at the bar.

  1. Elbow up to a horizontal position
  2. Eyes to the horizon.
  3. Tilt the glass head and enjoy the flavor of the beer. The head should be same size from the first sip to the last.

If you want to practice your skills at drinking Guinness the traditional way visit us at the Yukon Tavern in the Southeast Portland district, Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood. Jon and Rainer have just purchased brand new Guinness glasses, so we’ll be ready for you when you want to study the finer points of Guinness drinking!

Yukon Tavern2

Rotating Taps Serve Up the Best Beers at the Yukon Tavern

Listen close, beer lovers, because at the Yukon Tavern when you hear the whispy sound of a freshly tapped keg you’ll know that one of our many great tasting beers has just been added to our line up of rotating taps.


The Yukon always features the Pacific Northwest’s best craft beers and seasonal drafts alongside the tried and true foreign and domestic brews that everyone knows. With eighteen varieties flowing from our freshly tapped kegs, we’re sure to have one or more of your favorites ready for you when you come through our door.

Guinness Stout, Hefeweizen, Lagunitas IPA, 3 Sisters Red, PBR, and Coors Light were just a few of my favorites on tap the last time I stopped in at the bar. And, now the Yukon even features some of the up and coming hard ciders that have become Portland favorites, like Cinnamon Pear Cider.

Yukon Tavern1Stop in at the Yukon Tavern tonight and try all the beers on tap to enjoy your all-time favorite, or give a few new ones a try. For an automatically updated list of the beers being featured on our rotating taps go online to the Yukon Tavern website to find out what beers are currently available on our rotating taps.

Or, if you just can’t wait to taste the frothy goodness of a freshly tapped beer, just head straight to the Yukon and look for the list posted on the wall behind the bar. It’s also automatically updated so you’ll always know what your choices are every time you visit us at the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood’s favorite bar; the Yukon Tavern!