Ciders for Summer Sipping at the Yukon Tavern

Hard ciders have finally cemented themselves alongside microbrews on the Portland bar scene. At the Yukon Tavernwe’ve taken these great tasting beer alternatives to the next level and placed them side by side with your favorite foreign and domestic drafts on our rotating taps.

The History of Cider

With its great taste and indisputable health benefits, ciders have a long history as a beloved tavern libation in the UK and its Commonwealth. In 1620, the pilgrims brought the craft of cider making to the shores of Plymouth and, overtime, the production of cider became the primary reason apples became a successful cash crop in the New World. Remember Johnny Appleseed? He wasn’t planting all those trees just for apple pies! During Prohibition cider manufacturing collapsed and only a small number of cider apple trees escaped the Temperance Movement’s axe, only to show up in our Southeast neighborhood bar nearly 100 years later.

Yukon - Summer Ciders

Health Benefits

Not only does hard cider taste great, it’s also a drink that offers a lot of health benefits. They are made without wheat, so people who are sensitive to gluten or have Celiac disease can enjoy a cider alongside their beer drinking friends. Also, many of the proven health benefits found in a glass of wine are also found in ciders and most ciders have a lower alcohol content than other alcohol drinks, which makes it a responsible drinking choice, too!

Yukon - Summer Ciders2 2

Ciders at the Yukon

I spoke to Yukon Tavern manager Ashley McGarr recently to get the scoop on what makes a great hard cider and what brands she’d recommend on a hot summer day.

“Our rotating taps features several varieties of hard cider.Marionberry Cider from Swift Brewinguses Oregon-grown Marionberries that are pureed, then blended with a hard cider base prior to aging. This method uses the entire berry and provides a more intense flavor and aroma without the excessive sweetness you might find in a cider that uses a fruit concentrate.”

Viva La Pineapple from Rev. Nat’sis a summer seasonal cider with a semi-sweet taste that comes from apples grown in the Pacific Northwest and unfermented fresh pineapple juice. Cinnamon, cloves and allspice are added to give it another layer of flavor. (Beware, those who have allergies to pineapple.)”

Come into the Yukon Tavern today to try a true American classic, hard apple ciders!


Those Summer Nights at the Yukon Tavern

The Yukon Tavern calendar is full of fun events that will take you out of the heat and bring you into the cool embrace of your favorite Southeast Portland neighborhood bar.

Yukon - Irish Sunday1

Irish Sunday – July 15

Our Irish celebration continues with another Sunday dedicated to the music, food, and drinks of the Emerald Isle. This is the third time we’ve hosted this event and we’re bringing back customer favorites; whiskey tasting, Na Rosai Irish band, traditional foods, and Guinness!


Yukon - Last Call Trivia

Last Call Trivia – Mondays

Bring out your inner trivia nerd at the Yukon’s weekly quiz event, Last Call Trivia. Compete by yourself or with a group of friends to see who is the most knowledgeable trivia expert that ranges from sports, music, current events, and more!

 Yukon - Barfly

Suds and Cinema Movies – Tuesday, July 17

Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway will be joining us at the Yukon when Suds and Cinema Movies present the 1987 tavern themed movie “Barfly.” This movie is a favorite of Yukon manager Ashley and our tavern is the perfect setting to watch this story of poet Charles Bukowski’s Hollywood exploits during the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The show starts at 7:20pm.

Mock - Mad Poker

Mad Poker- Thursdays

The action’s hot every Thursday when the roving dealers of Mad Poker bring their free games of competitive gambling to our tables. The dealers have over 22 years of combined experience in league play and management and their games are open to all, regardless of skill level.

Yukon - Vine and Pallet

Vine and Pallet –  July 22

Enjoy an afternoon of artistry when Vine and Palletset up their canvases for a guided session of acrylic painting. Each month a new subject is explored and all supplies, including the canvas, are provided. More details to come on our July session. Check out the Yukon’s Facebook page for more details on the date, time and subject for July.


Hanging out at your favorite neighborhood bar on a summer night is a tradition in Southeast Portland and this July you have five reasons to spend your evenings at the Yukon Tavern!


We’re “Swimming With the Fishes” at the Yukon Tavern

The Yukon Tavern is prepared to give you “an offer you can’t refuse;” delicious fish tacos!

Yukon Tavern specials

The Yukon’s fish tacos are made with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, a crispy fried fish filet and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese all nestled inside a velvety flour tortilla. They are hand-sized and served with a side of salsa for a spicy kick in the mouth!

Yukon Tavern Specials

After you’ve finished off your last taco head to safety south of the border with one of two light and refreshing great beer pairings. You can check our online leaderboard for updates on what’s currently on tap, or…

Yukon Tavern Specials

Go for a bottle of Pacifico. A Mexican beer created in the style of European brewers, it is a refreshing, light beer that is highly buoyant and features a dense, white head. The brewery was established in the port town of Mazatlán by three Germans in 1900. It combines the great Mexican taste with German brewing experience for $3 a bottle.

Yukon Tavern Specials

Brewed in Baja Mexico for over 60 years, Tecate is a well-balanced bright golden lager with a malt crisp flavor and low to medium bitterness that finishes clean. It’s a great accompaniment if you’re looking for a light beer to go with your tacos and we serve up cold ones in tall cans for $3.

Yukon Tavern Specials

Get your story straight because the Yukon Tavern on Milwaukee Avenue in Southeast Milwaukee Avenue will help you “swim with the fishes” every week. Join the Yukon family for fish tacos, our Friday Daily Special for only $4, and you’ll find that you’ve become the “wiseguy” of your family!

¡Ay, caramba! It’s Taco Tuesday at the Yukon Tavern!

Who doesn’t love a taco?

Nobody, that’s who.

Tacos are a flavorful, crunchy, meaty, cheesey wonder food that is perfectly designed to fit in your hand, and even better than that—they are the featured special every week on Taco Tuesday at the Yukon Tavern!

Taco Tuesday at the Yukon Tavern

Served nestled two, three, or four to a basket, these are the tacos you grew up eating—crunchy all beef tacos with fresh ingredients. When paired with our Twice Daily Happy Hour and our drink special of the day, John Jameson Irish Whiskey, you’ll want to keep the party going all day long. And you can do that because they’re only $1.75 each!

Taco Tuesday at the Yukon Tavern

Before you dive into your delicious tacos why not give them an accompanying kick with a shot of Mexico’s most famous drink; tequila! This distilled beverage is made from the Mexican blue agave plant and is typically served neat in its home country, rather than as a shot with salt and lime as it is throughout the rest of the world. Either way, you like it, it’s a fun party drink that is perfectly suited to toast the world’s most beloved Mexican street food.

Yukon Tavern

Next time you’re south of the border (in Southeast Portland) on a Tuesday stop by the Yukon Tavern on SE Milwaukee Avenue for Taco Tuesday and a tequila shot. You’ll think you’ve made it to a Mexican paradise where good food and great drinks are waiting for you all day long!


Yukon Tavern’s Irish Sunday Returns for Another Round of Emerald Island Fun

Rollicking music, savory bits of hearty food, smooth whiskey, and frothy beers! How could you not fall in love with the Emerald Isle? The Yukon Tavern’s “Irish Sunday” event was such a great success we’ve decided to make this celebration for all things Irish a monthly event!

Yukon - Irish Sunday 2.0

Irish Sunday” is the latest event series hosted by the Yukon and it has already become a crowd favorite. Every month, we all get to enjoy the spirit of the Irish right here in our own SE Portland bar—complete with good food, great music, and a beer that will take your taste buds on a trip to the Emerald Ilse.

Yuko - Smithwicks_kruner

We’ve fallen in love with the pub culture of Ireland and want to share it with you. Along with Guiness®, we’ve added Smithwick’s Superior Irish Ale to our rotating taps and our whiskey tasting is back!

Yuko - Irish Sunday10

Test your taste buds to see if they can tell the difference between a northern or southern distillery. There are fourteen brands represented in our whiskey tasting collection.

Yukon - Irish Sunday

Na Rosai Irish is back to play their traditional Irish tunes. Band members Erik Kilops, Richie Rosencrans, Preston Howard, and Conor O’Bryan provide that warm Irish spirit that is at the heart of this amazing culture.

Yukon - Irish Sunday 2.02

The most important part of an Irish pub is its heart, and that’s where you come in! Join us this coming Sunday, May 20thfor the Yukon Tavern’s “Irish Sunday!” From 5:30-8:30pm, we will experience Ireland through its music, food and drink!

Yukon - Irish Sunday 2.04

And, as the Irish say, “Cheers, be yee!”

Bring Out Your Irish at Yukon Tavern’s Irish Sunday!

One day a year is not enough to celebrate the home of one of our favorite beers. That’s why the Yukon Tavernis bringing back St. Patrick’s this Sunday for another round of celebrating all things Irish!

Yukon - Irish Sunday7

We love the food, the music, the whiskey and, especially, the beer, so we’ve put together an event that features all the best things the Emerald Isle offers for our party, starting with ever-flowing Guinness!

Cloudy Guinness

The Beer of Ireland

Ah, Guinness! The golden nectar of the greenest country on the planet. This Irish dry stout comes to us straight from Dublin and is one of the most beloved beers in the world. Its distinctive burnt flavor is derived from the combination of malted barley and roasted unmalted, or “green” barley. Its thick, creamy head is created by the nitrogen and carbon dioxide released at the pour. It’s truly the pot of gold found at the end of a rainbow.

Yukon - Irish Sunday1

The Whiskey of Ireland

Irish Whiskey will represent the cocktail at our party. We have fourteen top-shelf brands to choose from, including Jameson Irish Whiskey. It is created from a blend of grain and single pot still whiskey using locally farmed malted and unmalted barley harvested within a fifty-mile radius around the County Cork-based distillery.–literally the taste of Ireland in a glass!

Yuko - Irish Sunday10

The Yukon will be hosting an Irish Whiskey Tasting during our Irish Sunday, with 13 different varieties ready for you to evaluate. So, come in and find your favorite variety!

Yukon - Irish Sunday3

The Food of Ireland

Now that your taste buds are sufficiently lubricated you’ll want to follow that up with a hearty Irish meal. You’ll find bangers with Yukon Gold mash, Salisbury steak and Poutine (ok, poutine isn’t exactly Irish, but there are a lot of Irish descendants in Canada) on the menu this Sunday, so come hungry and fill up with a heaping helping of Ireland’s legendary flavors.

Yukon - Irish Sunday 

The Music of Ireland

Local Portland band Na Rósai will be performing traditional Irish musicfor the crowd, with Erik Killops on fiddle, Richie Rosencrans on bouzouki, tenor guitar and vocals, Preston Howard on uilleann pipes, whistles, and mouth harp, and Conor O’Bryan on flutes, whistles, and shakers. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported across the Atlantic on a song.


Take It To Go In A Yukon Tavern Growler

We know you love our 19 taps.

We see the longing in your eyes when you call it a night and head home from our Southeast Portland bar.

We’ve heard your cry for more delicious beer and now we’ve found the perfect way for you to take your favorite brew with you when you leave the Yukon Tavern!

Yukon - Growlers.JPG

Our new Yukon Tavern Growler is the perfect carrying case for your favorite fresh-from-the-tap beer. We have a great variety of nineteen beers and ciders every day on our rotating taps, so you’ll always be sure to find just the right one to take with you. Lagers, ales, bitters and stouts—whatever style of beer you prefer, our bartenders will find one that can be the perfect complement to any of your next adventures.


Soon we’ll be seeing those beautiful days of summer returning to Portland and there’s no better way to experience any of your favorite activities than by enjoying a cold, refreshing beer with friends and family in the great outdoors. Our 64-ounce little brown jug is an amber bottle equipped with a screw-on cap to ensure that your beer maintains its freshness for days on end whether you’re heading out to camp or just working around the house.


Stop by the historic Yukon Tavern on Milwaukee Avenue in Sellwood to purchase our latest addition; the Yukon Tavern Growler! Pick out your favorite beer and we will pull the tap until the entire bottle is filled with the tasty brew you love best.