We’re Gonna Need the Biggest Boat at the Next Yukon Tavern Suds & Cinema

UPDATE: Due to the weather, we have rescheduled Suds & Cinema for Tuesday, February, 27 at 7:20pm.


Yukon - Orca

If you’ve got a life preserver handy you may want to bring it to the next Yukon Tavern “Suds & Cinema” for their showing of Orca on Tuesday, February 20th.

This 1977 cult classic was inspired by the blockbuster Jaws but it features an even larger threat in the form of a killer whale. This mammal with murderous instincts is on a mission to avenge the death of his family by the hands of a local fisherman, played by acclaimed actor Richard Harris, along with his sultry side-kick Bo Derek.

When Harris’s character accidently kills the female companion and their child,  an orca takes on his village, going after the local fishing economic structure—this whale thinks like a vengeful businessman and doesn’t mess around when going in for the kill. The movie has a good balance of competent filmmaking and camp and is backed up with a musical score from Ennio Maricone who created the iconic soundtrack from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”


Enjoy the movie with a fish and chips basket from the Yukon kitchen and a Guinness from our bar and get your own salty sailor vibe on as you watch man’s marine nemesis go after the fishing industry of a small coastal town. Our bar is a great port to pull into when you want to relax with friends and you may even walk away with the Yukon movie poster for Orca, created by graphic artist Andy Vanderbilt.

Yukon - GWD.3

Join us at the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland on Tuesday, February 20th at 7:20pm for Orca.

Yukon - Neon Sign


Don’t Miss Last Call Trivia at the Yukon Tavern

Yukon - Last Call Trivia

Trivia is back at the Yukon Tavern with Last Call Trivia!


A new challenge called Last Call Trivia has come to the Yukon and it’s taking no prisoners when it comes to calling out the smartest player of useless knowledge.


During each round, players have the opportunity to wager points with each of their answers. For example, in the first half of a trivia game, you can wager 1, 3, or 6 points, and because each wager can be used only once, players make their choice based on the amount of confidence they have in your answer. This wagering system allows players to use strategy, along with intelligence during the trivia game.

A theme round is announced after the 3rd question and before the bonus question, and if a player guesses correctly they can acquire an additional two points. But everyone can guess as often as they like without a penalty. The game is free to all players and is hosted by Quizmaster Ian, who will lead us through all the pop culture, history, music, television, movies, and current events questions of the night, all with a big dose of humor and with his own unique playlist playing as we search for the answers to his quizzy questions.


Teams are comprised of one to eight players and the game lasts about two hours. Just enough time to enjoy a juicy burger from our kitchen and your favorite beer from the bar.


Show your friends who is the baddest trivia hombre in Southeast Portland! Come out to the Yukon Tavern every Monday night at 7pm for Last Call Trivia.

2018-01-22 20.19.35


Celebrate Christmas with Your Yukon Friends

Yukon - Christmas Party.jpgSlip on your holiday sweater and don’t forget your Santa hat because the Yukon Tavern is holding a Christmas party for all our loyal customers on Wednesday, December 20th! 

Yukon - Karaoke.pngJoin the Chorus

Wednesdays is Karaoke Nite at the Yuko so limber up your voices and join us in chorus to celebrate the holiday season. Take your turn belting out belt out your favorite Christmas carol along with the crowd, or sing along to any of your favorite songs playing on our juke box. All this music makes it the perfect time to kick up your heels and dance, too.

Holiday Treats

Our kitchen staff will be whipping up special holiday treats in alongside all the other delicious menu choices, including appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, entrees and, of course, our famous hot dogs. Come in during one of our two Happy Hours, 3-7pm and 11pm to closing, to share try out several appetizers with your friends.

Peppermint patties, hot butter rum, and seasonal craft beers are all a part of a Yukon celebration! Whether you prefer hot holiday drinks or an ice-cold beer or cocktail, our bartenders will be serving all the holiday refreshments you look forward to during the holiday season.

Yukon - White Elephant.jpg

 “White Elephant” Gift Exchange

If you’re in the gift-giving mood bring a “White Elephant” present for our gift exchange. Bring a small, wrapped gift and participate with all your Yukon friends in an exchange that is sure to bring smiles along with some surprises, too!

2016-06-27 05.08.14.jpg

Join us on Wednesday, December 20th at 6pm at the Yukon Tavern when we celebrate the holidays with our Yukon family!

Merry Christmas from all of us at the Yukon Tavern, your favorite Southeast Portland neighborhood bar!



Celebrate the Holidays with Gifts and Time Spent at the Yukon Tavern


The holiday shopping season is upon us and everyone is rushing about trying to find the perfect gift for his or her friends and family. Fortunately, for those who love a night out at a friendly neighborhood bar, your Christmas shopping list can be quickly accomplished with gifts from the Yukon Tavern.

Yukon - December Specials.jpg
Yukon Tavern Sweatshirts and Gift Certificates

At the Yukon Tavern it’s easy to complete your shopping list because we’ve got everything your pub lover could want. Great tasting pub grub, like the classic juicy cheeseburger and tots basket, and all the foreign, domestic and craft beers Beervana has to offer.

The Yukon Tavern sweatshirt has returned for another gift-giving season. It’s a fantastic way to keep your tavern lover warm during these cold, wintery days.


New Years Eve Party and a Day Long Happy Hour

Stop in to celebrate the coming of 2018 with us on the evening of December 31st when will be hoisting our glasses of champagne and welcoming in a new year with our Yukon friends.

On New Years Day we’ll be hosting a day long Happy Hour, so spend the day with us and take a turn at our pool table or play a challenging game of tabletop shuffleboard. Of course, you can always find a comfortable seat at our bar to sit back and relax while you watch one of the many games playing that day.

Yukon - Outdoor Seating1

Plan your holiday gift giving and celebrations with a little help from all of us at Southeast Portland’s favorite neighborhood bar, the Yukon Tavern. It’ll be a great way to close out a crazy 2017 and ring in the best wishes for 2018!

Going on a Wild Turkey Hunt for a Happy (Hour) Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here and for many people that means stress and annoying relatives. If this is what you’ll be dealing with this Thanksgiving we’d like to invite you to the Yukon Tavern, where you’ll find friends, food, and an All Day Happy Hour–we even have a turkey for you!

Yukon - Wild Turkey.jpg


Whiskey lovers rejoice! Your holiday has arrived and we are serving up Wild Turkey just for you. It’s an American tradition—Wild Turkey Bourbon contains notes of sweet vanilla, pear, and hints of spice and finishes with a flavor that is full and rich, whether enjoyed straight or with a mixer. Wild Turkey was originally crafted by Kentucky Bourbon Hall-of-Famer Eddie Russell and continues to be aged in American White Oak barrels with deepest, No. 4 “alligator” char.


Yukon - Burger.jpg

Order up a shot of Wild Turkey, then fill your table with our version of the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Dive right into an entrée from our kitchen and enjoy a juicy burger or a Hebrew National 100% beef hot dog smothered with piping hot chili. Get a side of Yukon Gold fries or tater tots to go with it and you’ve got a meal that’s better than a dried out old bird.

Yukon - Watching the Game copy

Who needs a La-z-boy? Hang out at our bar after the meal to relax in front of the TV to watch a football game with friends, a beer and a bowl of popcorn to munch on. We’ll be playing the day’s best games.

Yukon - GWD.2

The Yukon Tavern is stretching out our two Happy Hours to cover the entire day so, if you’re looking for an escape this Thanksgiving, stop by the Yukon Tavern on Milwaukee Avenue in Southeast Portland. We’ve got everything a Thanksgiving feast can offer, without the annoying relatives!

Yukon - Neon Sign


Free Pool Sundays at the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland

Sundays are fun days at the Yukon Tavern, when our bar is stocked, our kitchen griddle is hot, and our pool table is busy hosting game after game of free pool!


Rack up a game on us and spend your afternoon hanging out at your favorite Southeast Portland neighborhood bar. Whether you are an ace, a ringer or a novice, our table can accommodate any game you play. And, of course, a pint has always been a great aid in perfecting your game.

Yukon - Free Pool

We’ve seen all kinds of games go down on our table—like everyone’s favorite Straight Pool, the fast and challenging 3 ball, 8 ball and 9 ball games that are played in three quick rounds and, fan favorite for newbies, H-O-R-S-E. A game which is played just like it is on the basketball court, only in the dry comfort of our cozy bar.

Yukon - Pool Table

Bring your friends along with you and add an extra challenge to the game by betting an appetizer or drink from the bar. We have two Happy Hours, making our bar the perfect place to spend those lazy, rainy days of winter in Portland.


If pool isn’t your game we’ve got other ways to wile away the hours. Our tabletop shuffleboard table is famous city-wide for being Portland’s longest. The challenge here is to shoot the puck and try to down a beer before it stops at the other end—it’s harder than you might think.

2016-06-27 03.20.45

We’ve got hosted events scheduled throughout the month, too. Every Wednesday at 8pm are bar is filled with music when our weekly Karaoke nights take the stage, and on Thursday Texas Hold ‘em games hosted by Mad Poker kick off at 7pm. The popular “Geeks Who Drink” games held every Monday at 7pm are great for people who love trivia and our movie buffs will love the monthly “Suds & Cinema” movie nights. And, for all the budding artists out there, spend an afternoon with Vine & Pallet’s mobile studio when they set up their canvases in our bar once a month.

Our keno and video poker games are always open for winners to test their luck, too.

Yukon - Watching the Game copy

And we’ve always got the best games on our big screen TV.

Yukon - Monthly Events5

Spend these rainy Sunday afternoons with your friends at the Yukon Tavern!

Two Happy Hours at the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland!

At the Yukon Tavern we love Happy Hour. In fact, we love Happy Hour so much we have two every single day of the week from 3-7:30pm and 10pm to close!


Happy Hour makes us happy. It’s the witching hour at a bar, when people stop in after a long day and order up their favorite beer, cider, wine or cocktail and one of the delicious treats from our Happy Hour menu.

2016-01-25 21.32.50

During our two Happy Hours we not only have food at discounted prices—we have drinks at amazing prices, too, like Canada’s Labatt Draft, Domestic Drafts and Micro Drafts for under a dollar! If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, nothing will.


Our kitchen staff is ready to turn any frown upside down with hot and tasty meal baskets from our Happy Hour menu. Grab a Hebrew National Hot Dog for $2 and add a basket of our famous Yukon Gold Fries for $3 to go with it. Or, how about giving our Fried Shrimp ($6) and Jalepeno Poppers ($4) a try? Our Happy Hour menu is sure to satisfy.


The Yukon Tavern is committed to being Sellwood-Moreland’s favorite neighborhood bar, and hosting two Happy Hours for our customers is our proof of that promise.


The next time you are looking to get happy plan to stop in at the Yukon Tavern on SE Milwaukee Avenue during our two Happy Hours (3-7:30pm and 10pm to close) and let us put a smile on your face with our Happy Hour food and drink menu!